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  1. locations

    You're all far too American. I can't be the only person who visits (& very occasionally posts on) this forum from the UK. Can I?
  2. Music

    I love the first few albums, but they should've called it a day after Be Here Now. I was more of a Blur fan at the time, though.
  3. Music

    Does anyone mind if I bring the mood crashing down? Good:
  4. Music

    That's great. Now I want to hear it performed by an orchestra!
  5. Music

    Hmm, not a fan of his vocals at all. I like some of the sounds they make, but on the whole I find it all a bit melodramatic. Cumberland Gap was good tho
  6. Music

    I'm not familiar with them, but I'll give 'em a shot. Any particularly awesome tracks you'd recommend?And when it comes to Irish folk punk, you can't go wrong bit a bit of or .
  7. Music

    Only half about the music, but this is bloody fantastic: War of the Worlds in dubstep. And Bill, that sounds well out of order for a Sublime gig.
  8. Music

    I've never really been a fan of either metal or indie, which seems to put me in the minority here Anyone else a fan of , , bouncy stuff, , angry shouty stuff, stuff or just good old-fashioned funky stuff? Make your bad selves known!
  9. Music

    Ooh, a music thread. Time to de-lurk. Can I be the first to say that guitar groups are on the way out?
  10. Schafer: Double Fine has four games signed

    Posted this in the thread about Tim calling Kotick a dick, but RPS has some good info from his Develop talk: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/07/15/develop-10-schafer-on-future-new-games/
  11. There's a good writeup of Tim's Develop talk on RPS: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/07/15/develop-10-schafer-on-future-new-games/
  12. What Is Your Favorite Tim Schafer Game?

    Well, since you completely forgot about Host Master and the Conquest of Humour I've gone with Grim.
  13. This thread's too good to die, so I'm going again! With the first few bars of Broken Bride I thought it didn't sound like it'd be to my taste. I was mostly right, but not for the reasons I expected. I actually liked the verses - that dude has a good voice that fits the music well - but I thought the choruses let it down. They were fairly mediocre and predictable, the same few chords used in a kajillion other songs (not always a bad thing, but they didn't really expand on the basics at all). So not really my kind of thing, but not as much as I was expecting Next up, let's mix things up a little with some D&B: Unknown Error - The Yearning (Apex VIP)
  14. After the first few bars of Eighth Wonder I thought I wasn't going to like it. It sounded a bit too 80s-pop for my taste, a bit plodding and rather middle-of-the-road. But I kept listening, and I'm glad I did: I started to enjoy it, and was tapping my foot along by the end. I can imagine it'd be really good live, played a bit faster and with more punch. No need to worry about offending me or, I hope, anyone else, Seniormeld. Negative criticism is always as valid as positive, and, like you say, everyone's got different tastes. I choose you, !
  15. What are you playing?

    This: http://www.class3outbreak.com/zombie-outbreak-simulator/