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  1. Title Update/Patch notes.

    I understand why the aren't patching it, it's quite expensive to patch, and I know Tim is a good guy. I just hate that programmer who fucked with the saving mechanism and broke a game that was perfectly fine.
  2. Title Update/Patch notes.

    I hope you are happy. I won't be purchasing Stacking, as fun as it looks, and plan on making sure everyone I know knows how terribly you handle software bugs and your customers. "Sorry we fucked up, just start over and waste a few hours of your time." You can blame it on Xbox testing guidelines/cost analysis all you want, but you're failing to account for lost sales of future titles. Good day.
  3. Title Update/Patch notes.

  4. Title Update/Patch notes.

    i bet 100 million dollars this is how it'll play out it was about two months between costume quest and grubbins on ice, so i will also guess we won't get any resolution until february Getting another DLC depends entirely on how well the first sold i imagine. Here's hoping it sold well... I will buy another DLC just to patch this lol.
  5. Title Update/Patch notes.

    If you read about the fix was very quick, the problem is XBLA titles have to go through several weeks of testing before they can be pushed out and it costs lots of money.
  6. Title Update/Patch notes.

    The bug doesn't affect new save files. If you bought the game after the patch was released you should be unaffected. the ps3 patch is available today. he probably has that version. Nah he had a save file from the Demo if you read above your post
  7. Title Update/Patch notes.

    Just hit this game breaking bug, last night. Really wanted to beat this game last night.