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  1. Ah I don't check these forums enough, sorry for not answering sooner! Thanks for the answer Spaff, that all makes sense (and it's great that you guys are gaining more control over your own properties). Given that the WiiU is a dead platform (and never that popular to begin with) I'm guessing I'm out of luck, but at least I still have the PC version, so I guess it's not the end of the world. It's still one of my favorite games you guys have made, and I don't know how likely a sequel would be, but I'll be there day one if the universe is willing. I've got lovely memories of playing it all night with 2 friends (while maybe not entirely sober) when it first launched.
  2. Hi all, I've searched online and couldn't find any mention of this (maybe I'm just bad at googling), but I just can't find The Cave on the Wii U Eshop, both when accessed on the console and in my internet browser. Costume Quest 2 and 140 are still there though. It's not a disaster if it's gone (although a giant shame) since I already own the game on PC, but since a friend recently gave us his old WiiU when he bought his Switch (our first console since the 360 days!) I thought it'd be fun to rebuy the Double Fine games on there. Tried looking for it by name, developer and publisher, but it's just not there. Everywhere I look online it's still listed as being on WiiU (including Double Fine's own games page: http://www.doublefine.com/games ), and I couldn't even find a single forum post about it anywhere. I know, it's an older game on an older console that was famously not that successful, but I'd really like to own this version as well, as long as I have the console. I'm a softie for Double Fine stuff. I guess I'm out of luck and it's just some sort of rights issue, but hey, I wanted to give it a shot (I don't know how quickly this thread will get noticed though, buried down here). Because it might be relevant, I'm on the European eshop (The Netherlands, to be precise). Love each other, Your Pal Al
  3. Hey, this is fun. All the pitches were great, but in the end I voted for The Lost Dev Team. They got me by mentioning the Cave, and I was reminded of the deep, dark sadness in my soul that that game never got a sequel. Make it happen, voters!
  4. If they give out awards for best pitch game titles, this should definitely be the winner. A very unique idea that would be useful for a lot of people - could even be used in classrooms.
  5. Yes, this is my favorite pitch as well! I would love to hear exactly what inspirations you would like to pull from Last Express - an absolutely amazing piece of gaming history that doesn't get talked about nearly enough.
  6. Hey guys! Really excited about this, lots of fun pitches this year. Quick question about the bundle choices: the $5,- bundle includes daily 2 Player Production videos. Does that mean the videos are exclusive to people who backed at that tier or higher, or does that mean the videos are free for everyone and the $5,- option gives you downloads of the videos? And just because I feel bad about such a lame question being the first thread, here are my favorite pitches so far: - Empath- Jacinda- Liz. Miserable.- Symphonic Strife- The Lunar Gazette- Outside- The Gods Must Be Hungry The fact that Kee Chi mentioned Last Express as an inspiration for Empath means I will not rest until it gets made.
  7. I believe it's from the original trailer that was included with the demo. Something like that. It's not from the main game, in any case. I think it's absolutely a miracle that the fans are getting (for most people) new Ben dialogue by Roy Conrad after all these years. Thanks Double Fine, wasn't expecting that. Also, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this. Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle Remastered are pretty much my definitive editions of the game now (can't say the same for the Monkey remakes for me), so seeing this was a blast. I'm almost already sad that the remakes are (possibly) over after this one. I know it's been said a million times, but if you guys could get the other creative leads involved I'd love to see the other Lucas games remade as well. Or, and this is a big ask of course, sequels to any of them. Any way, I have a million questions (mostly more details about how they handled the 3D models for the bikes/backgrounds exactly), but for now I'm just super, super happy. These are the games that got me into adventure games/Double Fine/early Telltale, and the games from that corner of the industry are the only ones I play these days, now that I'm an old fart. Congratulations guys, this looks amazing.
  8. I only played the first two King's Quest episodes but even the first episode wasn't that bad. Are you sure you didn't just play the intro/demo (if one exists, not sure). After you get out of the introduction area you have quite a large area to explore with quite a lot of puzzles (with multiple solutions, which is a much more interesting take on the choice mechanic than anything I've seen Telltale do) and plenty to explore in your own pace. It's definitely not just a collection of QTE's. That's simply not what the game is. It's actually what I was hoping Telltale's games would turn into when I was playing their early Sam & Max games. I'd love a new take on a Lucas classic (or a game with that vibe) on that scale, with that laid-back pacing.
  9. Hey all, Long time since I've been here, but I've been the coolest uncle in the world lately and I introduced the little ones to the world of Costume Quest (they especially love the comic since it's a bit easier to grasp for them - which I got for free thanks to Spaff! Thanks again), and I was wondering if there have been any updates on the animated version? Could we be lucky and get it released this halloween? (announcing Costume Quest 3 at the end of the short would be totally fine with me too, incidentally) Edit: Wow, I think this is the first time I actually posted on the new forums and I have no idea where that tag under my user name came from. I kind of dig it though!
  10. AlfredJ

    GOG keys?

    Ah, thanks, wasn't sure if I could press Redeem without throwing away my chance of getting an actual code instead of automatically adding it to my Steam list.
  11. AlfredJ

    GOG keys?

    Can I gift my Steam version to someone else? The only option I see is 'Redeem on Steam', instead of giving me a code (as with some of my other Humble Bundle games). I already own the first game so I thought it'd be fun to convert a friend by giving them the first game. No biggie if it isn't possible though.
  12. Just a quick update for people with the same problem: Spaff sent me the following e-mail (I think this is okay to post here): So for all of you Paypal-backers who haven't gotten a confirmation from Double Fine yet: just wait until next week, and if you don't get the first backer rewards (I think the background painted by Justin Roiland etc) just send DF a message. I think that, as long as you have a payment confirmation from Paypal, you're fine. Oh, and thanks for the reply Spaff!
  13. Hey all, I have also sent this in as an e-mail, but I was hoping I'd get a response before the campaign ends. I backed at the Basic Braining Level earlier today, through Paypal (via Psychonauts.com). However, at no point was I asked to leave any details on the psychonauts.com website - no name, no e-mail address, nothing. It just directed me to Paypal. I logged in, made the payment, and Paypal e-mailed me a receipt, but I received no confirmation from Double Fine, and I'm not sure they have my details so I'm worried about my rewards. Was I supposed to get a confirmation e-mail? Will Double Fine just use the e-mail address I use for my Paypal account for my rewards (which would be fine)? Hoping to get a response before the funding period ends. Thanks!
  14. I think they definitely can make the controls for the bike fight minigame more responsive. That reminds me of the Highway Surfing minigame in Sam & Max - if they ever do that one I would hope they would make it a bit more fun to play as well. I think Mike Stemmle even said in the MixnMojo Secret History article that he wished they either made it better or left it out completely in its current version.
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