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  1. How far do you think the pledge will go?

    Once it gets close, I plan on going to the page where you donate, constantly refresh the main page, and once it's a reasonable amount away from 2mil, donate the remainder just for the sake of being able to claim that I was "that guy".
  2. Please, help me!

    So, is $100,000 the minimum that 2PP was asking for, or did you work it out ahead of time?
  3. NOTCH!??!?!?

    So I decided to come back to the site and see how explosive the forums are after this amazing news. Wait, the servers still work?
  4. Scott Pilgrim!!!

    Where are you in the game? I know the thing like the back of my hand, I could help you with any part.
  5. Original trailer

    While the gameplay seems pretty much the same, several aesthetics have changed, and it looks like it would have had a darker feel. Discuss.
  6. Scott Pilgrim!!!

    I have all the books, the movie, and the game.
  7. 360 Only?

    You got lucky. I find PS3 service to almost be as awful as Nintendo service. None of the three are good, but at least 360 is decent, *and* the help number is easy to remember (1-800-4MY-XBOX).

    There's always DLC...

    Wait what? When's it coming out?
  10. E3 is coming up!

    I honestly can't say I'm looking forward to much. The Wii U looks extremely gimmicky, and there's been more updates than announcements.
  11. Psychonauts in other Mediums?

    Besides another game, of course.
  12. PSN still down

    Wait, people bought the PSP GO?
  13. I love the 3DS... but no. R3D proved that 3D doesn't enhance gameplay, just looks for platformers. The flying shell parts proved that it can be useful in other genres, though.
  14. Portal 2!

    Co-op somehow surpasses the main game
  15. The Old Psychonauts Pre-Order gear

    How much are these things worth now?