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  1. A game that would make no sense. I don't mean unrealistic like Costume Quest, I mean a game where if you haven't said "LOLWUT" within the past 5 minutes during gameplay, that part needs to be redesigned. I'm talking about Bobobobobobobo style humor. I think that DF could make it absolutely hilarious.
  2. I might get the signed PC version some time, I only have the 360 port.
  3. Holy crap, a little over an hour? That's fast! Is it a standard speedrun or a TAS?
  4. Or maybe a product that appeals to all DF fans: A Russian nesting doll with Psychonauts playing cards inside. The design on the doll would be one of the CC costumes, but carrying the weapons from BL.
  5. And that's by sales, I wonder what it would be if trial downloads were included.
  6. i would appreciate this too Mini-bumping. Seriously, this is too long for people who are just seeing this thread.
  7. They confirmed recently that they're not working on it, I thought...
  8. You can buy a Stacking doll to support us instead! That's a *little* more expensive...
  9. Actually, I used Levitation to dodge Oly's Brain Tank attacks, not shield.
  10. GameMasterGuy


    1) Earlier in the game, there's a missable cut-scene where Lili suggests that what happens in the comics isn't as great as what a Psychonaut really is. 2) Sasha's mind. 3) Raz's dad is full of mysteries, I'm more curious about the "enemies" he's talking about right after the real version of him appears in the MC.
  11. I'll get the demo, but the release date was a little unexpected, and $15 seems like a lot if it's as short as CQ.
  12. ITT we argue over it. 'Nuff said. When a new one is brought up, I'll add it to the poll, hence the very limited options and no "none of the above" option.
  13. Games can sometimes be more popular on one console than another, then only get sequels on that console.
  14. I haven't been here long enough to be sure, but from what I've seen, Warrior can be called a lot of things, but "spammer" isn't one.
  15. You wouldn't be the only one. Usually I don't buy a console until a game I'm a fanboy of is announced for it. I hope that it won't be PS3 exclusive, my Rare fanboyship made me buy the 360...
  16. Rants are fine... if you use periods and caps once in a while...
  17. Ugh the only reasons to get a PS3 didn't start until a few months after I got my 360, with releases like LBP, Uncharted, etc...
  18. If you haven't already, get the first one if you're even remotely interested in campaign. The campaign slowly declined, but Reach redeems itself back to around H2 levels. The multiplayer is where it's at in Reach, though, and is indisputably the most fun multiplayer in the series. It's not the most competitive, though; 3 is better for tournaments and such, but AAs, while overpowered and unbalanced, are a very fun addition.
  19. Escort missions never work well. At least the MC had your "package" teleport.
  20. It wouldn't sell, and no publisher would publish it. It would be awesome, but not all good work is appreciated. The only 3D platformer left on the market is Mario... unless you count Sonic. Which you shouldn't.
  21. WRONG ANSWER. There's no such thing as perfect, kid. I like that you're praising what they do, but you can't just straight-up worship them until someone makes some sort of sacred text regarding the two-headed baby. Actually, that'd be kinda awesome. Maybe they should make a game about 2HB... Anyway, FFFFAAAH it's so freaking hard. I'm just wondering how Rattata and GMG aren't frustrated by this level. What part of it was frustrating specifically?
  22. Yay, snow day today. New York's weather is great... if you don't need to get anywhere.
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