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  1. Really? That means it's something more than a piece of clothing with he DF logo or a signed game... I wonder what it is?
  2. Even better than Deathspank? Well, you can't spell ignorant without "ign".
  3. I just got a hoodie yesterday and I was curious.
  4. Tell me about it. I can say I'm a DF fan in public, but if asked what games they make, I say "Brutal Legend", not "Psychonauts".
  5. 6,667 sales. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Games?xr=shellnav&SortBy=Title&Page=21
  6. Nintendo reference much? Or just a typo? Anyways, EA is big on what people want. Their biggest RPG is half-shooter (Mass Effect), they publish all the big sports games, etc. A platformer isn't exactly what most people who play games want. Sure, it's what most *gamers* want, but not everyone who plays games is a gamer. If they only play shooters, sports, or motion sport games, they play games, but aren't gamers.
  7. Sounds good, I'll try it once I make it through my game pile.
  8. Once I get through my current games (some of which I have yet to even start), I'm planning on using Gamefly. Has anyone here used it? What are your opinions? Are the discs scratched as often as they are for Netflix?
  9. A city that runs on music? The concept seems to bring up memories of EBA.
  10. Fine, there will be a Drowned Ophelia. She'll be one of the unique G-Men,and gets two votes instead of one. She doesn't even know who she is.
  11. It's still coming in the mail, so I don't know any of them. Anyways, all of these are related to the Milkman Conspiracy level of Psychonauts specifically.
  12. GameMasterGuy


    In Soviet Russia, creativity hates you!
  13. Seriously, here's what they normally look like: http://www.wfcforums.com/showthread.php?s=254b60ef880f5beb92956e9f8e4c5510&t=22412
  14. Sort of. It's also a forum game. Read the rules, I tried to simplify them.
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