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  1. Has anyone played the forum game called Werewolf? Think of this as that, but with a DF twist. (Equivalents to standard WW are in parenthesis, ignore them if you've never played the original.) Pretty much there's three roles: The Psychonaut (mod equivalent, I'll be him), The G-Men (villager equivalents) and The Milkman (werewolf equivalent). -Psychonaut- Controls everything. He doesn't really take part in the game directly, but makes sure nobody tries to ruin it, regulates it, etc. -G-Men- they vote on who gets interrogated (lynched). There's three special types that there's one of per game: 1. Helli-copter operator(seer): He gets to see if a player is good or evil once per day. He may then optionally send this information to the Psychonaut via PM to post publicly. Be warned, saying that someone is good almost dooms them to death by the milkman. 2. Rainbow Squirt (traitor): Tries to throw everyone off about who the Milkman really is. She is also the only one who knows who the Milkman really is. Appears evil to the Helli-copter operator. 3. Boyd (tinker): Boyd does NOT know that he is Boyd. He appears evil to the Helli-copter operator but is really good. Every other G-man is just a standard one that votes on who will be interrogated. Rules: Every day (game begins in morning) the operator chooses a player and sees if he's good or evil. He may then ask the Psychonaut to display his findings. If he is killed by the werewolf, then the game gets reduced to simple guesswork. After he is done, the G-Men converse and vote on who will be interrogated. They will be removed from the game. If he was the Milkman, the G-Men win. Otherwise, the game goes on. The Milkman and his Rainbow Squirt blend in with the crowd and also vote. Every night, the Milkman picks who to kill. He only knows who the Rainbow Squirt is, but Boyd's identity is only known to the Psychonaut and the identity of the operator is known only to the Psychonaut and himself. Signups: Psychonaut: Me Others (will be PMd when signups are done): 1)Brutal Bill 2)Crash 3)(empty) 4)(empty) 5)(empty) 6)(empty)
  2. No twizlers? Too bad, you can't have candy, either. *reaches arm through internet*
  3. I can't find a list of them, have they ever been posted?
  4. If I didn't make it clear in the previous post, he'd also be with you in every level until the end. Like I said, most of the minds seems a little too lonely.
  5. Not as culty. Every forum I go to is infested with fans of it.
  6. I'd have an arrogant master. He'd have already earned all the merit badges from previous years, but goes through various sessions with those trying to earn them the first time just to show off. I really liked Oly's and Vodello's minds because you were going through them with others. Other than those, the only one to help you is Ford.
  7. The part with the dad memory is pretty easy, you don't lose an astral projection layer when you hit the water, and by that point you have enough health to handle it, even if you didn't pick up a single brain.
  8. I'm also including the games from my Christmas party which was a week or so ago... In order of appreciation: -Psychonauts. Need I say more? -Mass Effect 2 (won G4's game of the year and deserved it, think Star Trek in game form) -Final Fantasy XIII (normally not a graphics hoe but whatever) -Fallout 3 (late but that makes games cheaper ) -Megaman Star Force Leo (out of fanboyism, but I heard bad things about this one and saved it to be one of the last, but it's not that bad if you turn of the homing system) -Sonic 4 Episode 1 (overpriced but fun, though it's more of a tribute than a sequel) -Castle Crashers (WAY overrated, Scott Pilgrim's better) -Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colnel (see SF, but this one really was as mediocre as the fellow fans said it would be) I also got Perfect Dark XBLA (not the crappy Zero prequel) and ONI (out of fanboyism), but haven't tried them out yet. As for non-games, I got a new thumbdrive, rechargable batteries, various junk food, a D&D cartoon DVD (haven't tried it, but I predict it'll be as cheesy as the old Zelda cartoon), some movie, and on the way is a Double Fine hoodie and Scott Pilgrim Box Set (volumes 1-6, a box, and poster).
  9. I didn't notice it, what was it called? Also, does this forum not allow bumping, not allow remaking threads, or neither?
  10. I do, then five new members come and get on your nerves. Again, I wish for a million dollars.
  11. I know I was guessing him, and it doesn't fail because so far both of my guesses were right. Warrior?
  12. Make a wish and corrupt the above user's. EX I wish for a dog You get a dead one etc. I wish for a million dollars.
  13. Why does everyone hate this level? It's not that hard, and if you think it's creepy, then seriously, never try Silent Hill 2. Actually, ignore the entire series. It's not as tedious as Waterloo World. So WHY do people hate it so much?
  14. Everyone, begin posting. Warr- I mean those who don't know how to play, pretty much you say something, but the opposite of what you mean, but not in the sense of an antonym. For example, "In Soviet Russia, the lawn mows you!"
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