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  1. Clicky for those that don't know how to use the internet.
  2. You know how to play. If anyone doesn't I might type out rules. I put in a pie.
  3. Be sure to use spoiler tags if you mention whatever the bonus you get for reaching it is. How many of you have reached rank 100? Is it hard? Rewarding? Or nearly pointless? I just beat the game about an hour ago, and I'm probably try to get everything, but how many of you have done so?
  4. Found it for $12, comes with box, manual, and everything.
  5. I'll see if I can find BL cheap on eBay, if not, I'll get CQ. Oh, and DT, 7 is the circus one, I couldn't remember the girl's name so I just put down the level number.
  6. What is DF's favorite developer, other than yourselves?
  7. I'm new. I downloaded Psychomauts because everytime it gets brought up in a conversation A) Everyone says it's the best game ever then B) They start talking about the milkman. Turns out it really is the best game ever, so I decided to join here. Hi guys.
  8. I just got Psychonauts and loved it. Well, I'm still loving it (on level 7 right now). I'm thinking of getting either Brutal Legend or Costume Quest next since I'm loving it so much, but which do you guys think is better?
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    First the decade. 90 years later we'll be seeing him on the century version.
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