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  1. Yup. I'm glad The Gods Must Be Hungry won, though!
  2. Funny the mention of The Last Express, cause I just played a game at EGX Rezzed that is 4 hours in real time like that and it's kinda like Deus Ex. This sounds awesome.
  3. Reminded of Nina Freeman's work. This could be pretty awesome and inspiring.
  4. Great post, and agreed that this is a great coming-of-age story. I just saw Boyhood recently, and that's the best coming-of-age I've seen in a movie. I'm hoping Night in the Woods also goes along with this theme.
  5. Oh wow, who's cutting onions over here?! Thank you for imparting this, I can't imagine the pain you went through. Good on you for getting to the other side, hope nothing as bad ever happens again. Everyone deserves a second chance, a new lease on life no matter how cliche that sounds. You have so much more ahead of you with your child and loved ones, best wishes and prayers for success in your life from a muslim dude in UK who just wants to give you a big hug! Make sure your kid is brought up on the best games
  6. 40:30 That amazing music is "Breadtime" off the new Terence Lee Double Fine OST!
  7. The game is super adorable. The Double Fine charm is all there. Love love the Spaceface. Fitness freak... Ok, this fitness thing has gone too far! Space teabagging is not cool! Don't fret Wii U owners, Nintendo still got your back in space! Gotta admit, hipsters do have good taste in music Chill the fuck out, chicken alien panicking about oxygen, put a helmet on.
  8. To me it's more worrying for any projects beyond Broken Age; if they all end up costing several millions. I'd like to see the sources on that Machinarium figure, but I'm guessing they weren't paid during all those years and probably working 100 hours per week. Also, hard to compare the games since Broken Age isn't out so we don't know how much content there is, while Machinarium is a pretty short game as is Botanicula.
  9. Damn it, that was a really emotional rollercoaster. Great job, everyone. Now let me just drown in a pool of my tears. EDIT: Removing inappropriate comment. -Chris
  10. I know Anna Kipnis did the voiceover for one of their Amnesia Fortnite games, I think it was Black Lake? I could see this happening more often since they're independent.
  11. What do these specifically mean? Music story arc, like the tone is set right in line with the plot progression? Real-time reflections in like the water kind of thing?
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