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  1. OK, I got the french fry issue on PS3 and can't now finish the game. I'm not going to replay the whole game again, since my time is valuable to me (if a filmmaker wasted three hours of my time by starting over on the first reel after I'd watched most of a movie, I'd walk straight out of the theater) and I'm going to just hope that you can actually come up with a patch that fixes what you've broken at some time in the future. Though I can't really understand how you managed to program a game breaking update, I guess I have a little sympathy for how fixing an epic screw up like that might take a little time. Still and all, just so you know I also will *not* be purchasing the DLC content that I had been planning to purchase as soon as I finished the main story. I'll also probably steer clear of all Doublefine products from here on out, since I'm not really happy with the way you managed to botch this job.
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