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  1. aaah. I'm pretty sad. I Can't get grim fandango working to save my life.
  2. I'm not sure is this was asked or not. Just curious. This is not a trick question.
  3. Why are these stories so long? You know real people stop reading after like the first few lines.
  4. I bought psychonauts on gog.com but I want to buy the ps2 game just to own it. I like collecting stuff I don't think they get anything from me buying used games though...
  5. People who think they are betrayed by a business is funny. You're acting like your childhood friend pulled the head off your G I Joe which probably happened anyway.
  6. Don't be selfish. Some people probably still never heard of kickstarter. Let them sell their game and make more money. Another thing to keep in mind is the kickstarter thing was "donations" with rewards. Your quote about "if the Kickstarter were now I could give a lot more, but it isn’t" hey it's not too late; donate anyway without expecting rewards. That's the nice thing to do.
  7. guy who can't put words in pictures. 1.Sup Homes, we're pretty close. 2.No you da man! 3.Oh snap I got an idea! 4.Are you the undead.............no but I will kill you!!!!!! hahaha 5.I'm thinking I'm bigger than you. Last but not least. 6.Instead let's just play tetris for an hour or 2. Rock!!! Works with all strips.
  8. I'm sure they store it in a Swiss bank account for safe keeping.
  9. It doesn't matter if they do or don't. If it wasn't for DFA many game makers out there would not even have considered kickstarter. They deserve all their profits from the game. Also if DFA does well enough maybe they can fund their own projects. Why do people care what kickstarter projects do with their profits?
  10. This poll makes no sense. Dott is 3 and up. that is laughable
  11. Also I forgot. When talking to people do you... click on every question or just the funniest sounding ones.
  12. I'm replaying DOTT for the whateverth time. I was just wondering how other people do it. With a random poll...
  13. works pretty good on the wii. Only downside is the curser is kinda small
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