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  1. Freelance writer (and previously occasional GFW Podcast guest) Robert Ashley has written up a list of games that would be great for the unemployed, Psychonauts amongst them: Games for the Unemployed Pretty funny (read the entire article, for it is good).
  2. It's not MTV, as far as I can tell: http://weblogs.variety.com/the_cut_scene/2008/08/brutal-legend-n.html?query=brutal+legend While I don't necessary invest in everything Ben Fritz writes, he never reports on anything that is just blatantly not true, although his opinions and interpretations are not always spot on. Atari might have been good, but they probably would have announced something at their recent Atari day, unless they're waiting for another opportunity to make a bigger splash... their announcements the other day were more to do with new distribution partnerships, confirmations and reinvigorating older franchises, rather than anything brand new (excluding a few low-key games). Atari were also pretty quick to talk about picking up Ghostbusters and Riddick, so they probably would have said something by now. I think... we just have to wait on this one.
  3. Yeah, I think patience is the name of the game and, also as noted, E3 and after GTA4 is the 'right time'. If you try announcing anything or drumming up hype for something before GTA4, or even in the wake of it, you're just shouting at the wind. I predict the campaign will start around E3 (getting people excited to cover it and getting readers excited to see that coverage) and then it'll be an attempted snowball from there... it also just depends on the release date. Companies are experimenting with the length of time they subject an audience to any given campaign, so if the release is still a few months away, or nearer to Christmas than September, then all we'll get is a screenshot here and (hopefully) a clever bit of PR there. There's quite a bit of potential for clever PR as we can all see... Still psyched, still hoping for an identity to emerge when the campaign begins...
  4. As some of you have no doubt read by now, 'Activision' and 'Vivendi Games' have merged to form 'Activision Blizzard' (it's a long way from April 1st...). As Vivendi/Sierra is the publisher of Brütal Legend, does this affect Double Fine in anyway? I doubt it would be a negative effect - a super-publisher has just been formed and just-so-happens to be behind Double Fine in their time of publishing need. Must be a good thing. ? .
  5. They haven't revealed any heavy metal animals yet because that's probably in the next reveal! Now you've blown Double Fine's next big secret! The killer rabbit is probably a boss battle, as a homage to 'Quest for the Holy Grail'... but, then again, the game takes place back in time, so that means the events that take place in Brütal Legend happen *before* the events of 'Quest for the Holy Grail', which means that that rabbit scene is a homage to Brütal Legend! Oh, and showing up on Mega Drive is a certainty! How else will they push the graphical boundaries? Current-gen consoles just aren't up to the challenge. I hope they port it to the SNES though... and how about that Mega CD and 32X! Phwoar! We're in for a treat! Death awaits you... with nasty, sharp, pointy teeth!
  6. Alt, then 1, 3 and 8 = è Alt, then 1, 3 and 7 = ë You can look these combos up on an ascii table/chart. Just search using Google's image search. Now I have revealed my secret, a veritable "Pandora's Box"! May the gods have mercy on us all...
  7. Touchè, Höppi. Touchè.
  8. However you may feel about Facebook is not the point. I've created a Facebook group called: "Brütal Legend Groupies" http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6623978034 If you're on Facebook or know someone who is, tell them about it! Build a great Brütal Legend community... with your face!
  9. OK, we all want to share the news of Brütal Legend, but how can we do it if you don't spell it correctly. So, in the spirit of Double Fine community building i.e. finding other game communities and converting them (those Bungie guys - really!), here's how we type Brütal Legend: B-r-u-t-a-l L-e-g-e-n-d - Stop! That 'u' looks wrong... Press and hold 'Alt' on your keyboard, then type the numbers 1, 2, and 9 on the numpad, then let go of 'Alt' and the result will be: ü Now, we can all spell Brütal Legend and tell everybody we know/we don't know/we love/we hate/that plays inferior games about it! Huzzah for community building/take overs!
  10. Completely OTT! Yes! This game... it's going to be awesome. "The Ridiculously Good Game Brütal Legend!" The best part? It's going to sell! Combine the cool character ideology from Full Throttle with the progression of Grim Fandango, mixed with the creative tornado of environments and characters from Psychonauts (Grim and Psychonauts), all left in a boiling vat of great story and humour ("Not... a Roadie!") and you've got a great game... THEN: Add the allusions to gameplay that, maybe I've seen, maybe I haven't, and you have a best selling classic on your hands. Can't wait, but have to.
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