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  1. Really disappointed that all of your remakes (DOTT, Full Throttle) aren't being made for the xbox one. Wish I would've read this before giving over $500 in support for Psychonauts 2 yesterday. I don't plan on buying a ps4 just for these games even though I've bought every game you've made in the last 11 years. I don't want the pc versions either as i don't game much at all on it. Unless playstation is paying you a shit ton of money for these games, you are stabbing the game fans you're asking for funding money from in the back.
  2. I have my account and my 2 kids accounts that now will have to be restarted. I can't sit through 3 more play throughs. How the double fine solves this problem will be whether I buy their next arcade game or not. It looks awesome but I don't want to experience this again. Please make another Pyschonauts game!
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