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  1. Toonstruck. http://www.gog.com/game/toonstruck
  2. I fail to see how Prime made Samus look fragile? Perhaps you're referring solely to the piece of crap Other M wherein she's a whiny brat?
  3. I wish there were a "Pathetic Attempt To Be Funny" button, and an "Idiotic '10/10 would ____ again' Joke" button.
  4. I second Metroid Prime, and contribute Knights of the Old Republic. That game made the Star Wars universe feel more alive than any other movie, book, comic, or show before or since.
  5. The best part of this game is that it does fit in my pants. ;-)
  6. Several key people, including Warren Spector, from Looking Glass Studios are making a successor to Ultima Underworld, titled Underworld Ascendant. This is basically the rebirth of Looking Glass Studios, people.
  7. Maybe with Move controllers you can. Gog is adding achievements when Galaxy comes out, but that may be several months from now. So ... maybe?
  8. $39.95, off the '98 Lucasarts catalog. $58.02 adjusted for 2014 inflation.
  9. An original unaltered copy included as a bonus with the Gog release would be nice. I hate that the MI:SE and MI2:SE releases don't include the original versions.
  10. Well, I've pre-ordered my Steam, Gog, and PS4/Vita copies of the game. How else can I throw money at this?
  11. The humble ones are particularly annoying, because you can't even see what they are before claiming them. At least on Steam it won't let you redeem a code for something you already have.
  12. Plus, just straight up posting things means every person who checks the thread is going to try to redeem the codes, causing multiple people frustration because of someone else grabbing it without posting.
  13. System Shock 2 has weapon hotkeys, booster hotkeys, healing hotkeys, etc. You only really need to use the inventory screen to make room for more items, get rid of ones you don't want anymore, or to put batteries into something or something like that. Almost never would you need to pull up your inventory during combat unless you have no idea what the hotkeys are. I feel like you didn't know the depth of the controls and that you may have hastily judged it as a result.
  14. I just couldn't disagree more. The UI feels second nature to me, and one of the best I've used in any FPS-RPG game. Although, given my username, I may be slightly biased.
  15. Having an inventory screen makes it clunky? I'm confused.
  16. The terms "Hack n slash" or "Action RPG" are basically just nice ways of saying "Diablo-like"
  17. Marvel Heroes, DeathSpank, FATE, Path of Exile, Diablo, Torchlight, Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, Champions of Norrath, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Untold Legends, Justice League Heroes, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-men Legends, Hunter The Reckoning ... I think I play this genre too much.
  18. Seconded. The others are entirely forgettable.Sadly though, the cheapest way of getting both is just to get the whole franchise. Oh, Ubisoft... How dare you call Far Cry 1 forgettable! Pistols at dawn.
  19. But you can buy the love of your fellow forumites with free games instead of just giving them out to some random kid with a script that scans forums for Steam keys to use.
  20. That's a fact, though. Hardly trolling. Okay, then. How's this: Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson are the worst voices for Sam & Max.
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