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  1. I don't know why they didn't just do a "normal mode" and "hard mode" like Monkey Island 2 and 3 did. One mode could have very few puzzles and only easy ones, and the other could have a lot of satisfying and challenging puzzles. Everyone wins.
  2. So TTG officially has no more old LucasArts staff, unless you count Connors?
  3. Might have something to do with the fact that they've run off all their talent and are only concerned with maximum dollar consumption.
  4. The new goal is to keep this on the front page of the forum until his next birthday. Go.
  5. Is that some kind of slot car racing thing? Never heard of Scalextric.
  6. That's fine, as long as you don't make a little love next.
  7. 100% guaranteed it's a timed exclusive. The last game barely squeaked out a profit after a year on the market with 4 million copies sold. They're going for some quick and easy Microsoft cash, likely for 3-6 months of exclusivity, to guarantee the profitability of the game. While Sony's investing in creating great games, Microsoft's renting them for a few months at a time.
  8. No. It's only available in their bundle and that's the bundle price. The game usually has no price. The game is now $0.99 if anyone missed it while it was free and still wants it.
  9. I finished 95% of that without killing anyone. I forgot I had shot someone near the very beginning and thus failed the achievement.
  10. This is apparently the trope you should put in your game if you want critics to go mental and think your game is amazing as hell even if it isn't (The Walking Dead).
  11. They don't always tell you the reason, but there is one. You probably own Terraria.
  12. Just wanted to say that Solarix is in dire need of backers, and in great danger of failing their insanely modest goal miserably. Please help?
  13. I got that, as well as this: That was also $20 via a daily Amazon deal.
  14. Trust nothing Telltale ever says, unless they say "We will treat our customers like mindless cash cows and exploit them in every way possible" You can trust that statement.
  15. I'm more in favor of this idea. I'd like to see Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner run out of business, myself. Pathetic lying crooks that they are.
  16. *google magic* Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs? I don't think so. I remember there being little molded plastic brontosauruses that were basically a small oval shaped body with a small neck sticking out. I also feel like there were spaces on/near the volcano you could move around on. In fact, the whole board may have been a 3D volcano.
  17. Did anyone ever play a board game with little dinosaur pieces? I'd post a picture but I've no idea what it was called. I feel like there was a volcano involved.
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