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  1. to Steam or not to Steam ? DRM is the question

    No one has any right to complain that the beta is Steam only. No one has any right to complain that the first part is Steam only. DRM-free was promised solely for the full, polished, finished game. This has been clear for quite a while now, and your misunderstanding of it is no excuse to scream and kick about how you're supposedly being mistreated. Grow up.
  2. to Steam or not to Steam ? DRM is the question

    I agree with this completely.
  3. to Steam or not to Steam ? DRM is the question

    It's not even close to cost effective to constantly build, QA, and release new versions of a DRM-free executable. The game is still not 100% polished and bug-free, and that would cost them a LOT more money than it's worth, just because a few crybabies can't be bothered to open Steam for a couple hours.
  4. http://forgegame.com/?p=downloads It looks really nice from what I've played so far, though that is admittedly not much.
  5. oh wow a girl sent me a message on okcupid

    Just reply "I should go."
  6. Video Game Deals

    Anodyne doesn't inherently suck, but 50% off isn't a sale to write home about.
  7. Merry Christmas, One and All!

    I received: Heroes of Ruin $25 on Amazon Handful of candy ... that's it.
  8. http://www.livescience.com/25779-christmas-traditions-history-paganism.html Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity. It's basically a pagan winter solstice celebration that they copy-pasted Jesus's origin story into.
  9. Video Game Deals

    Or if you're looking to piss on Gary Coleman.
  10. It doesn't matter how well written or coherent the post is if it's written from a blindingly forgiving fanboy perspective.
  11. Devolver Digital had videos of theirs removed for copyright claims. Devolver Digital. You know, those guys who started this website: http://canipostandmonetizevideosofdevolvergames.com/ ? Yeah, Youtube started claiming on their behalf.
  12. Are you ever going to get sick of white knighting for a company that couldn't care less that you exist?
  13. Telltale have proclaimed themselves to have perfected what they consider "adventure gaming". Why would it not follow this formula?
  14. It cheeses me off to such an extent, that if I were the type to use , I'd be employing it bitterly, and repeatedly.
  15. Video Game Deals

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is $1 on Origin
  16. Did I tell you about my crazy expensive Rick Astley 12' collection from Japan? I love that shit. Thanks for linking a working video. They blocked it in Germany some time ago. Germany seems pleasant. Is Rick Astley secretly Hitler?
  17. ps4 and xbone launch thread

    The system is designed from the ground up for always-on and single activation of games. What reason do you have to believe they won't flip that switch back on once they've got a big installed base? It would be possible to re-enable it with a simple mandatory firmware update. They'd just pitch it as having "additional features."
  18. Mainly because Chaos Theory has an amazing co-op mode. If you don't have a single friend in life, Chaos Theory is only a little bit better than its predecessors.
  19. ps4 and xbone launch thread

    It can do a whole lot of spying on you, stripping your consumer rights, and making you pay way too much for way too little.
  20. Wind Waker is one of my all-time favorite Zelda games. I couldn't stand playing through more than a few hours of Twilight Princess, and I specifically bought the Gamecube version because I hate motion controls. The Gamecube version still runs $30-40 on average, though. Then again, I'm also a blaspheming monster that thinks Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are severely overrated.
  21. Video Game Deals

    Huh? Where does it say USA only? I suppose this might include Canada and Mexico, but still, 'Merica.
  22. I really enjoyed Geist, and Zelda Four Swords Adventures, and you should get Metroid Prime 2 if you don't have that. Also, if you like Resident Evil, there's a remake of the original game on Gamecube, Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil 2 3 and 4, and Code Veronica. Non-exclusives that are good: Hunter: The Reckoning Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Alien Hominid Mega Man X Collection Mega Man X Command Mission Lord of the Rings The Third Age Prince of Persia (any) Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 X-men Legends 1 and 2 Probably more.
  23. Video Game Deals

    Humble Store FOR AMERICANS ONLY. AMERICA, F@!$ YEAH! Here's your latest 'MERICA daily deals. - 40% off Guild Wars 2 (Win/Mac) - 66% off Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Win, Steam w/ Uplay DRM) WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! USA USA USA USA! 'MERICA!