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  1. ... I just thought it could use some repeating. Best game ever.
  2. God, the 360 d-pad is such an abomination. Even the new 360 pads' "better" d-pad is a total joke.
  3. I think the triggers are great and the controller is perfectly comfortable for extended play. I prefer the layout of the PS3 controller to the 360 one, easily.
  4. Even if that's true and it does release with absolutely no bugs or updates required, it's not like Valve is going to pay them for timed exclusivity. That makes no sense.
  5. ...how does it being on Steam early access have anything to do with "Valve making a good deal"? It's going to be on there because they need funds, not because of some backroom exclusivity deal. It's also the easiest way for them to continually push updates and patches until the game is fully finished. There's no point releasing the DRM free version when it's not even close to finished yet, because then they'd be forced to constantly release new builds and deal with tons of people complaining about bugs that the newest released build has already fixed. With Early Access they just quick pop the new build on Steam and it auto-distributes, so they completely avoid being flooded with complaints about things they've already dealt with. I know you don't like Steam, but in this application, it's the only thing that makes a reasonable amount of sense given their needs.
  6. PS3 controllers are inherently superior in just about every way as far as controllers go. Far better d-pad, pressure sensitive buttons, built-in rechargeable battery, motion sensors. The only advantage a 360 pad has is that it's easier to set up for a PC, and there's a crazily overpriced wireless dongle available for them on PC.
  7. Tons of games have issues with anything that isn't a Microsoft controller.
  8. If you've voted in the Golden Joysticks awards, you can get Mafia II or Civ V free from Green Man Gaming. Both are Steam activated keys, also, if you don't have a Green Man Gaming account yet, use my referral link here and you'll get an extra $2 or 2 euro or whatever currency credit for signing up through a referral link when you make your first purchase.
  9. Most of the newer HOGs have inventory based puzzles, and they even force you to be observant and try to pick things up that might be useful.
  10. How does this game play on a console I wonder... Not particularly well, in my opinion.
  11. I recommend all of the Mystery Case Files series, except Huntsville, Prime Suspects, Ravenhearst, and Madame Fate. Return to Ravenhearst, Dire Grove, 13th Skull, Escape From Ravenhearst, Shadow Lake and Fate's Carnival (out soon) are all good. I also recommend the Drawn series, as well as the Enlightenus games. There are probably a couple other that I enjoyed that I'm missing here, but those are a good start for anyone into HOG/Adventure games.
  12. NPCs reduce the monster spawn rate in the area. If you ever intend on building any contraptions the engineer is very necessary. Especially now that we can have 3 wire colors.
  13. From what I understand, they made it a lot more functional and a lot less fiddly with the update. Even before the update, all you really had to do was forward port 7777 to your PC from your router, usually.
  14. The annual computer game releases are by far the most affordable way to enjoy the game. Buying the cards is a fool's errand, unless you are rich beyond the ability to spend all of your currency.
  15. I joined this site forever ago. I don't even know why. I never really communicated with anyone on here until recently.
  16. For Greek gods, humans were something like the equivalent of TV. Since they were immortal, they were also incredibly bored all the time, and so often looked for a favourite to play with for a while, much like someone would choose a sports team to root for. To me, this seems more likely than a single god who cares about everyone simultaneously, especially sports teams. I always think it's funny when an athlete thanks god for letting them win. I'm pretty sure that if there is a god, the winner of a football game is probably not so important to him.
  17. Wow that is extremely petty especially for a company to treat a krustomer! Oh like they care. Accuse them of acting like Neopets and watch the sparks fly! Neopets?! I just wanted to quote this image again, so I could be cool like everyone else.
  18. That prompted me to give it a try, and it looks like you can now redeem retail copies of BioShock 2 on Steam, and redeeming a retail version gets you Minerva's Den for free. I think the Steam version doesn't use GFWL at all, so this pleases me. Minerva's Den is one of the best single player DLC content packs I've ever played.
  19. So uh, they've finally disabled public viewing of every user's dislike counts. I wonder if Mr. Bruner having close to 300 dislikes influenced that decision.
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