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  1. I think the vast majority of the QTEs could be solved by mindlessly beating on the keyboard/controller. It might take a few tries of mindless beating, but there is no penalty for failing other than "oh no, you have to redo the QTE from 3 seconds beforehand!" so it wouldn't really take that long.
  2. You do realize that effectively nothing you do in The Walking Dead makes any kind of real difference in any way, right? It's all just the illusion of choices mattering, when they really don't.
  3. Yes, I've played the first game all the way through, with the exception of the new DLC.. Yeah, pretty much this. No puzzles. No inventory. No challenge. . It sacrificed gameplay for the sake of story. Period. Doesn't matter that the story was still good. The fans that were so loyal to TTG from day one are beneath their notice now. I'm not sure if it's caused by the influence of the increasingly stupid mainstream audience, the almighty buck, or the whim of Dan Connors himself. . Whatever the reason, it still is the same experience playing TWD as it is watching a Let's Play on Youtube. It would be nice if someone clipped out all the meaningless walking around and edited it to basically just be a machinima.
  4. I wish Stemmle and Grossman would just jump ship and come over to Double Fine to help finish up Broken Age. I'd triple my pledge if that would help somehow.
  5. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mendheim/mutant-football-league?ref=recently_launched Mutant Football League, from the creator of Mutant League Football. Same concept, but without EA making money from it. Though I'm not entirely sure how legal that name is.
  6. SHODAN + Gordon Freeman = SHODANFreeman. Some morphing software and 20 minutes of my time = my avatar.
  7. Are you guys going to have some kind of Highlander-esque battle to see who the official deal poster will be?
  8. Please tell me you're joking. Anyways, I pre-ordered the game and I'm excited to see what's in store for me. I've vastly preferred Saint's Row The Third and Saint's Row IV to any prior GTA game. I am not in it for the story. I'm in it for the fun.
  9. If anyone here doesn't own everything in the humble weekly bundle, purchase it now or face my wrath. Also, seconded on Deadpool.
  10. PS4, but I won't be buying one for quite a while. Too expensive and too many other things to spend money on right now.
  11. I'm still content with Saint's Row IV so I have no interest in GTA V at this time.
  12. Tomb of the Lost Adventurer adds approximately 20 minutes of gameplay, if that. It's a single optional tomb, but it is filled with loads of salvage and such, if that's something you need. Pretty awful DLC pack though.
  13. Wiggling horse feet covered in the brains of an ancient camel.
  14. Loved Puzzle Agent. Hated Puzzle Agent 2. I didn't really notice much difference between the two, weren't they basically the same? Or is that why you don't like the second one? I had the same reaction. Loved the first one, didn't like the second one. I haven't finished the second one, but it doesn't look like they thought up any new puzzles. They just reskinned the puzzles from PA1. They also seemed to use more puzzles that weren't actually puzzles but math problems. I always feel slightly cheated by math puzzles. Any jerk off could think of a math problem. Also there was a puzzle involving memorization of pi, and one involving knowledge of formulation of calculus problems, anything requiring external knowledge is kind of a no-no in my book unless that knowledge is something that the vast majority of people know. I don't really know a lot of people who can name more than the first 2-3 decimals of pi, and I know even less people that know calculus.
  15. Chicken the turtle with a cheese next to the wheelbarrow divided by Times Square and you'll easily cork the poor nozzle with a fuming sprout.
  16. Hey guys, Friar didn't back Broken Age. Let's all laugh derisively at him!
  17. I found that even when I wasn't giving my name out I was getting invites left right and centre, mainly so people could bother me about my Max hat on TF2. I only accept requests if I can recognise any of their aliases, which is not very often. Most of my steam friends have come from here and TTG in the past week. I sold my Max hat for like $75 of Steam games a while back just because I was tired of people bothering me about it.
  18. My Steam name is the same as my name on here and everywhere else in the world.
  19. I don't even know what your current avatar is. i believe it is a woman It looks like someone piled makeup in the shape of a woman's face.
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