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  1. I wonder what changed there up to ToMI we got at least some glimpses of stuff behind the scenes from the DVDs, blog entries and even the employees writing on the forums. And then BAM suddenly it all changed. EA or Activision probably told them that transparency and being honest with your customers meant you got less of the money, and since they just wanted more of the money, they probably put a stop to it.
  2. Maybe YOU did. My characters always had psychic abilities that meant they could see a minute or two into the future and could therefore avoid dying all the time.Or I never took my finger off the page. One or the other. My character was just like the Prince of Persia Sands of Time game. I would die horribly, and then rewind to just seconds before dying, and continue as normal.
  3. Well I am going to make a game where all you have to do is press start, and it's just one big 6 hour cutscene, and you don't even have to interact with it. It will be so streamlined and user friendly that anyone can play it.
  4. Telltale were supposed to be different. They lured us in and got us to trust them, and then once they'd collected enough money from us, spit in our faces and laughed at us.
  5. I'm just upset that I spent hundreds of dollars on a company that apparently gave zero fucks about my existence, and just saw me as a cash cow to be milked.
  6. Clearly you've never been to the Telltale forums if 16 pages surprises you.
  7. Yes, I second this. Plus [del]sailorcuteness[/del] coolsome and [del]Pale Man[/del] Comrade Pants.fixed. But... I was Pale Man. (He was Andrew Ryan.)
  8. I'm SHODANFreeman. I've no idea how to change my username here because I registered ages ago.
  9. It's crazy to me how similar our screen grabs are for every single one. They are within milliseconds of each other.
  10. Don't forget that they are also launching the game on 4 more platforms than they initially intended, which takes up a substantial piece of the budget as well.
  11. I missed getting the screen grab of sandal on head.
  12. The game's going to cost $15. I wouldn't expect anything long for that price.
  13. Gamestop finally sent me a working code, and the demo is awesome.
  14. That'd be awesome My code is still not working.
  15. My code is still not working. I really wanted to try this today
  16. Looks like they're saying if your code doesn't work by 11PM PST, you're probably screwed until the official demo release.
  17. They just posted on their twitter a little bit ago that tons of people are having trouble using their codes: http://twitter.com/brutallegend
  18. I've been talking to EA's support for 30 minutes on their live chat, god this is crap.
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