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  1. David Nowlin and William Kasten are the best Sam & Max voice actors.
  2. I finished two games in quick succession so I will rate both. Wolfenstein: The New Order - 9/10. Fantastic game. Great mix of stealth and shooting, incredible story. Destiny - 6/10. Borderlands with an incomprehensible storyline, boring leveling, and uninteresting classes.
  3. Just a quick note, poverty/living in impoverished areas has more to do with this than race. A large percentage of non-whites live in poor urban areas. That tends to skew those stats. Not saying there isn't white privilege, just saying crime and employment stats aren't really a great metric of that.
  4. It would all change a lot more easily if parents would just let their kids be who they want to be instead of forcing them into playing with certain toys that are "okay" for them. When I was a little boy, I played with my older sister's barbies, I played with toy kitchen sets, I did a lot of crafting and beading with my mom, I played with Lego, I played with He-man, I played football, I was basically allowed to play with whatever I wanted, and that's how it should be for all children. Stop forcing your kids to conform to what you want them to play with, and just let them choose what they want to play with.
  5. Thanks for posting this, guy I've seen on all tangentially LucasArts related forums for the last couple decades.
  6. This cool guy named SHODANFreeman has one that he probably won't use a lot. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SHODANFreeman#curation
  7. I have yet to try the patched Beat Hazard with chill music.. wasn't sure how the gameplay would work. Back in its initial release, chill music was a death sentence because it would be practically impossible to succeed at various boss fights and the like, but most of my beef with BH has been fixed since then, so I'll have to give it another shot. Though, bullethell-like shooters aren't exactly the ideal chillout for me. Beat Hazard has a "chill out mode" where there's no penalty for failure. You just get to keep shooting things to the music.
  8. Being good at managing a shambling corporate presence doesn't require intelligence, just overwhelming greed and playing it as safe as you possibly can.
  9. One thing not meeting your expectations is certainly a good reason to abandon ship and scream at anyone who will listen that the end is nigh. Totally rational.
  10. I played Wakfu a few years back. It was basically Final Fantasy Tactics: The MMO, iirc.
  11. Is it not possible that they contract out a lot of art assets? Wasteland 2 has a ton of contracted art assets in it, for example.
  12. Right now you can buy Minecraft for $2.5B, but there's only one available so you'd better hur... oh nevermind. Someone bought it.
  13. "Desecrating" is almost universally used in reference to corpses, tombs, or burial sites. It heavily implies killing. The game actively wants you to avoid hurting, and especially killing, civilians, and having to carry their bodies around and hide them is an annoying inconvenience at best, and leads to you being detected by an enemy at worst. For me (and just about everyone who played the game), an inconvenience is enough disincentive to not even consider knocking them out a good idea. There's literally no reason to do it unless you're really stupid or really deranged. The fact that she seems to think the scene was tailor made so that every single gamer would go and indulge in knocking out and enjoying the twisted perversion of violating the strippers and stuffing them into dumpsters while caressing some kind of colossal misogyny boner is simply moronic.
  14. The objective of the game isn't to randomly murder civilians. The game penalizes you for doing so. Doing so makes completing your missions more difficult. "Abuse, murder and degrade" isn't the ONLY thing you can do with them. You can approach them, and have them freak out that some weird guy just charged into their dressing room. You can avoid them (you know, like the game has been teaching and encouraging you to do the entire time, and is the intended interaction, considering they have a long conversation unless you interrupt them). Just because you CAN murder civilians and drag their bodies around doesn't mean the game is ENCOURAGING it, and the fact that you can do this to literally every other human in the game means that the mechanics weren't created solely for degrading women, like she strongly implies. That's why she's being misleading, and that's why it's hard to take much of what she says seriously. You lose a huge amount of points for killing them, and you can't get those back. "Players are meant to derive a perverse pleasure from desecrating the bodies of unsuspecting virtual female characters. It's a rush streaming from a carefully concocted mix of sexual arousal, connected to the act of controlling and punishing a representations of female sexuality." <- This is why I don't take her seriously. She makes insane assumptions in rapid fire with absolutely no supporting evidence other than her own opinion/interpretation. I wrote a bunch of other stuff, but I deleted it out because I'm tired of getting viciously jumped on any time I disagree with her, anywhere. I just wish her "academic assessments" also included any form of context, but she is genuinely more interested in sensationalism for the purpose of self-profit than objectivity.
  15. Many people get angry when something is being willfully misrepresented for profit. Do you know how mad Glenn Beck makes people?
  16. I'm still confused why her videos get so much support when she loads them up with dozens of factual inaccuracies and a healthy amount of bias. Among the more ridiculous of her claims is that the entire point of Hitman Absolution's strip club level was to abuse, murder and degrade women, even though the game actively punishes you for those actions. Not that there isn't a point to be made on the subject, but making the point by saying things that are blatantly false, cherry picking things that make your point while avoiding anything that goes against it, and misleading people is not exactly a helpful approach.
  17. The movie was the best thing related to the Simpsons in the last 10 years.
  18. I bought this game at 75% off a few months ago and no one wants to play it with me ever. Add on Steam?
  19. If Season 2 somehow wins a billion GOTY awards, I don't know what I'll do. It will probably involve circling the world by expelling a constant stream of rancid diarrhea as my primary form of propulsion, though.
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