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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kissltd/solarix This game looks like System Shock 2, Thief, Deus Ex, Dead Space, and Amnesia all had a deranged baby together. Back it please?
  2. Once Galaxy launches, I think I will find Gog preferable, the only advantage to Steam is getting a huge amount of games for the change in the couch cushions. I like the idea of DRM-free better though. As it stands right now, I have 1,165 games on Steam and only 78 on Gog, so it's got a ways to go to catch up.
  3. The cooks, dishwashers, and host are typically paid regular (close to minimum) wages. I haven't heard of anyone other than the server being paid tipping wage, at least not around here.
  4. I'd find it more likely that OP thinks his whining is why they announced it for PC, despite the fact that Tim made it pretty damn obvious from day 1 that a PC announcement was coming.
  5. Also, Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein made Mata Hari.
  6. I just want another Cool Game that I can play while being Attractive. Although I'd want Double Fine to make it.
  7. Even by your description, a MOBA is far less "game mode" than "genre" because "controlling lanes and defending points" plus loads of characters with unique abilities is still a lot more complex than "the other team has a flag, bring it back" or "kill the other team" or "hold the central object" or "control X point for Y time". Your description also neglects a few other large key portions of a typical MOBA, which are resource management, character build, and leveling up throughout the match. In Orcs Must Die Unchained, for example, you can't personally destroy their base, their base is destroyed when minions get through. The game still follows the general conventions of lanes, minion spawns that you don't control, and powerful "turrets" to impede progress to their base, but it adds in a lot of totally different elements, like choosing what type of minions it spawns at the predetermined intervals, doors you can open and close to cut off traffic to a certain lane, and permanent "trap zones" where you can lay traps in a manner you'd expect from an Orcs Must Die game. It still plays and feels like a similar competitive experience to something like LoL or Dota 2, but it has its own unique flavor and feel that makes it a very different game. I think calling it a "game mode" is dumbing it down substantially, since it's really only LoL, Dota 2, HoN, and maybe a couple others that follow the very strict Dota formula. Awesomenauts, Dead Island Epidemic, Orcs Must Die Unchained, and others are very different games with very unique takes on the genre. And in defense of Tower Defense, there are at least two distinct styles within that genre alone. There's Orcs Must Die, Dungeon Defenders, and Sanctum, where the player has a huge responsibility in killing mobs, and then there's stuff like Super Sanctum TD, Revenge of the Titans, and Defense Grid, where you pretty much place your towers and hope for the best, typically only having one or two targeted abilities with some type of associated cost or cooldown. This is not to mention that there's even more variety present in how each one of the games is individually played. Dungeon Defenders lets you place towers roughly anywhere, and is played with either third person or first person view (though I have yet to meet someone that plays in first person), Orcs Must Die has predetermined grid placement for your towers to be placed on, and Sanctum is a grid-based FPS, but with a huge emphasis on mazing, whereas OMD/DD it's more about just sheer kill-a-thons. On an interesting side note, I would consider OMDU to be a tower defense/MOBA.
  8. A genre usually consists of a specific set of conventions, and a game following many/all of these conventions falls under a genre. A game mode is one very specific objective, that you can place into any multiplayer experience with any style of play and the rules remain the same. Deathmatch, CTF, "hold object for X time", king of the hill, etc. are game modes because they are independent of how the game itself functions. You can have all of these game modes in just about every game type ever created, whereas you can't consider "MOBA" a game mode because it tends to include a large and varied rule set, which is different from game to game, although they tend to follow the same theme. Oh, and the original DOTA was a user created map with an enormous amounts of custom scripting that changed the way the game behaved at a basic level.
  9. Chex Quest was a masterpiece. Also, in reply to a previous comment, MOBAs are usually not even close to being a timesink. They're designed for bite sized pick up and play sessions. Granted, you CAN sink a lot of time into them if you are obsessive about unlocking everything, but you don't NEED to in order to enjoy them.
  10. Crytek had nothing to do with Far Cry past the first game. The rest are Ubisoft's creations. Crysis has nothing to do with their financial troubles, either. The total failure of Ryse on Xbox One as well as the fact that they keep developing their own extremely expensive proprietary engine that no one licenses are why they are going bankrupt. And yes, every time a genre becomes popular, dozens of similar games come out, in varying levels of quality. Do you not remember the plethora of FPS games that came out after Wolfenstein and Doom? Because there were a ton, and a lot of them were unplayable garbage. If anything, the "copycats" back then were worse than modern ones, because they were usually unplayable, instead of just being uninspired.
  11. I haven't actually played it, so forgive my possible ignorance, but I was under the impression that you literally just walk around and look at and read things. Problem solving would imply there are actually puzzles in the game that require you to solve them in order to proceed. Is this true?
  12. The entire point of this thread seems to be saying that only 1-2 games per genre are allowed to exist, and the rest are doomed to fail, so why bother. I disagree with this. Furthermore, both the OMD "MOBA" and the Dead Island "MOBA" are very very different from the genre conventions. Are they not acceptable games because they share a couple familiar elements?
  13. How is processing information, critically thinking, and problem solving not considered requiring something of the player? You can't really get to the end of an adventure game without thinking (and doing a considerable amount of it, at that), unless you're insane and idiotic and just keep randomly clicking every item on every other item ad nauseam, but I don't know of anyone that plays adventure games in such a manner. I don't consider The Walking Dead to be a game either, because the vast majority of the game is easier than Freddi Fish, to the point where you are just going through the very clearly telegraphed motions.
  14. In order for something to be considered a game, a certain level of player agency is required. If the game asks nothing of you other than that you come along for the ride, it's really less of a game and more of a movie, or "interactive experience."
  15. I've had Five Guys and In-N-Out and I can say that Five Guys outdoes In-N-Out, easily. In-N-Out is more like McDonald's if they used actual food instead of sawdust. Decent burgers, but I'd hardly call them the best. Johnny Rockets and Culver's also have some tasty burgers. Fun fact: If their tips aren't substantial enough to bridge the gap to minimum wage, their employers are still required to pay them minimum wage. I find 15% to be an excessive tip in most situations. If 2 people give them 15% in an hour, they're already past minimum wage. Tipping wage is $2.33/hr where I live, 15% on a $20 order is $3, $20 orders are relatively tiny in most situations if you have more than 1 person, so with just 2 tips in an hour, they'd be making $8.33, which is a full dollar over minimum wage, and often times they will get 5-10 tips (on much larger orders) in a busy hour. I will tip higher for exceptional service, but most waitstaff hardly deserve to be paid more than minimum considering how they treat diners. I've had friends who were waiters and pizza delivery drivers, they made a killing. Usually averaging higher than $12/hr.
  17. They just announced local co-op as a stretch goal at $90K! BACK IT, PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU, PATHETIC HUMANS!
  18. Yeah, basically as soon as MI:SE, MI2:SE, TMI, and that tiny pack of adventure games had all released, he mysteriously "resigned" (i.e. the board didn't like that he was spending resources on low margin projects, regardless of how successful they were)
  19. The Civ game takes an hour or two just to set up the board the first time, so I wish you luck. It was too much for my brother, myself, and our respective significant others to decipher in the time we had tried to play it in. My favorite board games are Zombies!!!/Humans!!! and Betrayal at the House on the Hill.
  20. I'd just like to see this one actually get released before I get my hopes up about anything beyond it.
  21. Apparently they also had Alan Wake's American Nightmare free for 30 minutes super early in the morning.
  22. They didn't appear to get the message that story was only a part of what made adventure games fun, not the ONLY thing. "Man, this game would be so much more fun if it didn't have all this pesky gameplay!"
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