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  1. Not in incognito mode, and other sites have perfectly functioning cookies. It's just this site that my browser hates.
  2. I use Chrome, and if I close the browser out entirely, I get to log back in the next time I open it up.
  3. It would be really awesome if the "Remember Me" button actually did anything on this site. I have to log in every single time I come here.
  4. Or give you a tangible discount on every purchase for every level you attain, up to 10% off. Even if it was 0.05% off for every level, it would be a lot more reason to actually complete badges than there currently is. Plus, Steam takes 10% of every card sale as pure profits anyway, so it wouldn't lose them any money, really.
  5. That seems like a weakness in the trading card system. The trading cards should encourage people to play and craft badges, but instead the trading card activity is focused around the games people are already playing. Probably all they're doing is letting the clock run on the older games they care less about, then immediately putting the cards up for sale. Seems like if you pick up an older title on Steam, you should have as much a chance of getting a card drop on those games as you do on the most recent games that people are swarming around. I suppose for some of these I'll have no choice but to purchase the cards. The weakness in the trading card system is there's so little incentive to craft badges, that only the most insane maniac losers ever buy cards for the crap games, and the good games have way too many people selling cards for them to be worth anything.
  6. Your violent and inexplicable hatred of Steam is well known, Vain. You aren't here for any reason but to toot your "OMG STEAM SUCKS AND IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD AND RUINING PC GAMING" horn, for about the 20,000th time.
  7. I'm here to remind you guys that you have no reading comprehension skills, because what's happening was clearly outlined well in advance, and then laugh at how you inexplicably think Steam is going to eat your children in the night. There's nothing wrong with Steam other than your own demented paranoia that somehow it's an evil plot to rob you and ruin your things. If you really can't handle installing Steam to play half of one game, you're a sad, strange little man.
  8. Now do the whole game, and get someone to remake it with your graphics. ...please?
  9. I have a solution to all of your problems. 1) Download Steam. 2) Install Broken Age. 3) Enjoy.
  10. I generally hate when you say this, but damn I've actually not heard of any of these. That's frightening. I've heard of two of them. I'm more indie than you! I win! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  11. I don't mind the occasional rail shooter, but what's going on with the QTE nonsense in that?
  12. Don't forget that everyone wants their collection in one spot, and any new competitor is going to have to somehow convince you to rebuy 500 games on their platform.
  13. The problem is that they feel they are owed something that was never promised, nor should they even have expected in the first place. The game is Steam exclusive until there is a final release build, which may well be after both parts of the game are 100% complete. DF are well within their own terms if they don't release the DRM-free version until then.
  14. Occasional Royale doesn't really roll off the tongue, though.
  15. I have no idea. 0 interest in this bundle. Unfortunately, neither do I.Would anyone who bought it care to enlighten us? The link in the bundle just automatically adds the mod to your account. It's basically just a shortcut to activate the mod instead of navigating through Steam to find it, and it's click to activate just like the other Humble Steam keys are. That's it.
  16. The difference probably has something to do with Broken Age already being insanely over budget.
  17. There is no problem. The alternative to an early Steam release is not getting any release whatsoever until the second part is fully finished. I prefer an early Steam release, thanks.
  18. It's expensive and wastes resources to do several DRM releases, regardless of if it's technically a beta or not. They will invariably encounter bugs in the game for many months to come, and there will be tiny tweaks and adjustments made all the way until both parts of the game are complete and released. It is not a financially sound prospect to invest effort in a pointless DRM-free release. This is the same reason that Telltale has almost never updated a single episode of a single game unless it had game-breaking bugs. It costs a lot of time and resources to do so.
  19. Your position is "I want something that was never promised to me, and I'm therefore unhappy that I haven't gotten it yet." This is not logical. If Double Fine had said "The DRM-free version is canceled", I'd be right there with you, telling them it's a load of crap. Only that's not the case. Nor has it ever been. Nor will it be. We are getting what was promised. Asking them to spend thousands of dollars building and QAing builds every couple weeks for a DRM-free version is not only ridiculously impractical, it's incredibly self-centered. There's a big reason Steam was chosen as the early access platform, and it's been stated numerous times by Double Fine themselves why it was chosen. You just don't like the truth.
  20. No one has any right to complain that the beta is Steam only. No one has any right to complain that the first part is Steam only. DRM-free was promised solely for the full, polished, finished game. This has been clear for quite a while now, and your misunderstanding of it is no excuse to scream and kick about how you're supposedly being mistreated. Grow up.
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