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  1. PS Blog interview with Tim

    Wow! You guys nailed it this time. The characters and the scenario blend in amanzingly. I just can't wait to play FT again
  2. IGN posts Reveal Trailer

    Couldn't be more excited! Just hope they work a litte bit more on the blend in for the new models. With Grim Fandango I kept coming back for the older model a lot of times, just 'cause the new model felt akward .
  3. Preorder Bonus

    I'd be up for any of those items!
  4. A Grim Fandango Quote

    Tim Schaffer can be very poetic and I think he wrote every line on GF, including this one. So I think this quote is from "Grim Fandango Universe". It's moments like this one that make me daydream about the amplitude and depth of the GF World that actually only exists inside our minds. It's so rich and full of potential, yet most of this world is left for us to wonder.
  5. Steam Achievements

    I didn't know it too. And GF was our favorite game (to me and my sister) of all time 'till 2008 or something, and we playing it alot. I was shocked when I found this song
  6. Hey dude, it seems most of your frustation was with the mechanics the game used to show you how the puzzles work and also gives you clues on what you're suppose to be doing. Maybe since you've played before and you knew most of it, but had forgotten some, it might turned out frustating? Well, I really think it's a clever way, but at least you loved the game in the end : )
  7. Full Throttle Remastered

    Man! I was expecting this news, but I've never though I'd be so happy when it actually got confirmed! Thanks DF, thanks a lot! I wonder if any of the cut parts will be added. Can't wait for it!
  8. What biker gang are you?

    Polecats all the way!
  9. That's a great idea. I want it too, if it's ever avaiable
  10. What puzzle broke you?

    First things first, you remember you saw Nick and Olivia kissing, right? And you remember what happened to Lola, ok? So Many needs to avenge Lola (who took the picture) and needs a lawyer (Nick) to save Terry (seabee). If you look to the picture of the cat race that you recieve from Lola, it's the picture from the day Max asked Olivia to marry him (check blimp, in the up-right corner), also it's from the day the blimp crashed killing Olivia's favorite cat. So, since Lola was in love to Max, but Max was in love to Olivia, Lola wanted to show Max, that Olivia was an evil (skeletal) woman, in which Max should not marry. Probably when Lola saw the asking line for marriage at that particular day, it stucked in her mind, 'cause it meant her chances with Max were over. She was broken-hearted. So Lola might have had a betting ticket from that day, or managed to get one and hid the picture she took from Nick and Olivia kissing in that envelope, keeping the cat race photo to herself, since she was, probably, afraid for her (after)life, because of Nick. After that, Lola rushed to Toto to hid the cat race picture, since Nick could caught her with it and he would figure out where she hid the kissing picture, if he got to her, before she could safely reach Many (which seems to be the only one, that is not corrupted enough to help her). Than, she probably asked Toto to keep that photo for her, and deliever to Many. But Toto shouldn't risk go out to Many to deliever it, Lola would tell Many to come to Toto, since he might forget to give it to Many, since he seems to forget things a bit fast, Toto gave Lola the "36 - Rusty Anchor" ticket. Now that the photo is safe, Lola probably went to the Calavera cafe, in hope to find Many, Lupe must have bugged her to leave her coat, giving her the "lengua #22" ticket in return, than either Lola forgot she left the "36 - Rusty Anchor" ticket in her coat or thought it was the perfect hidden-safe place. Fate was bad for Lola, and she didn't manage to find Many there. Unable or afraid to tell Max, Lola was trapped in a corner when Nick found her, he must have forced Lola to go to the lighthouse, in hope she would give him the photo. When she didn't comply, Nick shot her. Maybe it was destiny, or just luck, Many gets to Lola, just in time to hear her story, specialy the advice she gave him. After she sadly passes away (I can still hear the music in my mind, and it chills), Lola is gone leaving only the "lengua #22" ticket. Than, it's up to the player to link the connections and solve the puzzle. Hope it helps you clarify! Let me know! PS* I love to death Grim Fandango, so I might have written to much. Sorry!
  11. What puzzle broke you?

    That was really clever, actualy. Nice thinking ; )
  12. That's great news!!! It's nice to see that Grim is getting all this attention
  13. It's been a dream of mine, since the fifth GF playthrough about 12 years ago. To have a 4 year journey after my demise. But if you want to do an actual 4 year foot trip, try to go to Patagonia just walking with a backpack ; )
  14. True Friendship!

    One of the greatest in the whole world of gaming...