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    <b>Inspired to work in credit</b> Am doubly fine now but I wasn’t always, two years ago thanks to the credit crisis I lost my job and couldn’t pay my credit card for several months, the account ended up being closed and myself slapped with a bad credit record, its always a struggle when you have bad credit but having bad credit and no job is a double blow, I had no income and couldn’t borrow. I did some research and discovered that there were many more people with the same problem, so I decided
  1. People love you man, I got a bunch of cards and funky toys, thought that was the norm!
  2. Haha. The snob in my head my was tempted to say that, originally. "The problem isn't Double Fine, the problem is you and Your Stupid Browser." It's got nothing to do with being snobby, IE just blows. problem is a lot of people are still using it!
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