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  1. Thanks. I probably would have quit the game before trying that... =] Pail Faced is now complete. Thank you sir =]
  2. I figured out "Smoked Meat" now, just one left.
  3. How do I complete the "Pail Faced" and "Smoked Meat" Hi-jinks? That's all I have left to complete the episode and have 100%.
  4. OH! That's useful. Thank you very much for that, I feel much better now =D
  5. I have this for PS3 and love the game. It was good enough for me to decide to re-play the game. I had just finished the mall (my least favorite part) the second time around when this patch came along. I also noticed that Grubbins on Ice was available, so I purchased it in anticipation of the continuation of the story. I got logged in, ready to take on some frozen grubbies and realized that I can't lure with the fry costume. An internet search led me here and to disappointment. According to the information I've gathered here, I have to either play through the game a *third* time or wait for a patch that may or may not even come. Hmmm. Is there a way I can *un*update my CQ for PS3 just long enough to finish this quest? I doubt it. I do not feel like going through that monotonous trick-or-treating all over again, but I *did* just PAY for an expansion to a stuck game, an expansion that sits patiently for me to make up my mind on whether or not to undertake this restart. If I restart the game, I will begin to hate it. I played the demo - it was fun. So fun, in fact, that I purchased the game. I then played through the entire game from the beginning (since you don't pick up where you left off in the demo, you start all over), which was still fun - more fun, because I got to continue the game and the storyline. I completed everything and got all the trophies. I enjoyed the game so much, that I decided to play through it again. So, here I am, having played through the neighborhood 3 times and the mall twice already. That's a lot of trick-or-treating - which gets *majorly* boring after doing it so much (I'm *very* good at making the grubbin battles end as quickly as possible). I do not want to do the neighborhood a *4th* time and the mall (which is my least favorite part) a *3rd* time in order to enjoy the Grubbins on Ice expansion. I don't want to begin to dislike this game. It is for this reason that I hope that there is a patch released soon that will enable those hungry little kids to follow my savory french-fry scent. I know they want it, I can see it in their eyes. They're just being held back by the shock of seeing phone booths appear out of nowhere... yeah, that's it. Just take those booths out of the way, and all will be well =]
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