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  1. I run into this article while skimming through Kotaku. Almost makes me want to bypass the profanity filter or something. Hopefully things get sorted out pretty soon. I'm getting tired of all these bad news.
  2. I completely understand why they call Brütal Legend a creative risk. The game does sound pretty damn weird. Not weird like Spore. Spore was cute and accessible. Brütal Legend clearly is not. It has always been a risk to publish something that's bizarre and different. There is no denying that. I bet EA and other publishers have a great deal of respect towards Double Fine and Tim Schafer, but lets face it, it would be pretty surprising if the sales of Schafer's last two games didn't make any publisher a bit vary especially considering that the current game sounds perhaps even more obscure. We can keep repeating the mantra "Of course it will be a good game because it's a Double Fine and Tim Schafer game." but one shouldn't be surprised when that isn't enough to convince the publishers. The other problem I see is that the basic gameplay mechanic doesn't seem too different to that of Conan of War 2 and other similar games. Most average gamers who don't know who is Tim Schafer and don't like "old" metal will potentially pick one of those just because they know they are good, no matter how well Brütal Legend gets advertised. -------- Just to make sure. I really hope Brütal Legend will get a publisher soon. I also believe it will be an awesome game and probably sell pretty well. I'm just saying that it's not too surprising that publishers aren't fighting over the title. It's sad and wrong, true, but not surprising.
  3. In a way, I'm actually a bit relieved that the release date has been changed. At least something is happening.
  4. Which, to me, sounds like there will be a couple of characters you can play with, just like in Fahrenheit, and only a few occasions where you can actually get yourself killed. So basically if, in all the excitement of pressing random buttons, you miss the triangle, the knife will still hit the pillow. Either that or there will be a brief cinematic about how everything goes downhill after all the characters have died in their first quick time event and the developers will keep claiming it's not a game over but a continuation of the story.
  5. Very good work there! What tools did you use btw?
  6. Of course. As I said, I still wish it would be great. Won't get my hopes up too high, this time though..
  7. It didn't matter which of the three endings I chose. The damage had already been done.
  8. Fahrenheit must be one my most disappointing experiences in gaming. That is partly because I usually buy games I know won't disappoint me and partly because it was just plain disappointing. I guess my problems started when I thought I would be getting a good-ol adventure game while what I got was more of an interactive movie with lots of Simon. I got over that quite easily, though, and thought "Why, interactive movie thingy could still be a great experience". After all the initial setting was quite intriguing. But it didn't take long for the plot to became quite cheesy. And then just ridiculous. Then the whole the exploded at my face. Still, whenever someone mentions Fahrenheit I the first thing I remember is myself sitting there, wiping the pieces of the writers brain off my face in disbelief. There might have been some great moments in the game but not nearly enough to justify that ending. That's just my opinion of the game though. ---- I still hope Heavy Rain will be great. I was hoping for full control of the main character during action sequences but I can live with Simon as well. The developers' earlier talks about having crossed the Uncanny Valley was useless bs though, as they clearly are nowhere near that (not even the valley itself). BTW. My guess is that they decided to use face buttons instead of analogue sticks because some people found it too hard to push the sticks horizontally or vertically in a straight line, especially when they focused on looking at the screen.
  9. I'm a hardcore PC gamer and I like Wii, so I guess I can express my opinion as well. Because phenomenal games are phenomenal. It's not like the wiimote has run out of uses (as, for instance, , has shown us). It's not the console's fault there aren't more spectacular games on Wii, it's the game developers fault. Your either exaggerating quite a bit or your positioning was completely wrong. I had no problems whatsoever aiming in Twilight Princess. Even my non-gamer sister who gets frustrated very easily with these sort of things had no issues with the aiming. Haven't played other games that use wiimote for aiming, but based on Zelda alone, I would pick wiimote aiming over analog stick free aim any time (unless the developers have seriously messed up somehow, of course). Sure, it's not nearly as precise as mouse aim but did someone seriously expect it to be? One thing the developers seem to forget every now and then, however, is the sensitivity control, something which can make playing really painful no matter which platform you are using. Well, you kinda answered this one yourself too. Nintendo has been able to utilize Wii controller in their games in ways that can't be considered a gimmick. The fact that most third party developers haven't seen past the "oo.. you can shake it" gimmicky part doesn't mean it's a gimmick. It means that Nintendo seriously overestimated the third party devs for finding "revolutionary" ways of using the controller while, it seems, they should have given them a list of examples on how to utilize it. In my opinion, the flood of poor third party party & co. games are seriously harming Wii. They make many people (not necessarily pointing at you) think that it's all just a gimmick when it just as well could be something else (points at the Johnny Lee video), something awesome. It really saddens me how unimaginative most developers can be when it comes to something new and, in a way, complicated. Oh well, maybe someone someday will see past the "oo.. you can shake it" -ness.
  10. So what's wrong with, say, this thread: http://www.doublefine.com/news.php/forums/viewthread/225/ ?
  11. I had similar problem with some other game once. Turned out to be a problem with the graphics card drivers, which felt a bit strange as I didn't have any problems with them with other games. So yeah, try installing the latest drivers on your graphics card, and if you are really desperate, your sound card.
  12. Much agreed. It still boggles me how little even my (hardcore-ish) gamer friends actually knew about the game before I started educating them. It's not hard to imagine that most "casual" gamers had absolutely no idea what Psychonauts was about and settled for Ratchet & Daxter or Jak & Clank or whatever.
  13. Here's my OS X desktop. I've been too busy decorate it properly. Back in the Windows days I spent hours creating my own Samurize (system monitoring and desktop enhancement app) configs. I was actually quite happy with some of them.
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