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  1. This is my favourite idea this year - sounds really cool. I'm curious to know how you envision the simulation continuing in real time while seeing the events unfold from specific perspectives - would events continue in one timeline while viewing/changing another? Also how similar would it be to the Last Express? Really neat idea!
  2. In case anyone isn't subscribed to the Fig newsletter - Pillars of Eternity 2 is being funded currently. I thought the first game was pretty good (though I still haven't finished it actually). I haven't played many of the classics it was based on but I've enjoyed it. I thought Fallout New Vegas and KOTOR 2 were both good games and really experimented with those franchises so I've enjoyed a lot of Obsidian's work. https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire
  3. Ah, I didn't see it under the Audio tab on Humble. Thanks for the info!
  4. I was wondering - has the digital Psychonauts 1 soundtrack reward for the $69 and above tier been released yet? Is it included in the Steam or Gog keys? I haven't redeemed either yet as I already have Psychonauts on Steam and I was planning to possibly save the keys for friends - but if either of those keys have the soundtrack I'll keep them. If the soundtrack reward hasn't been released yet, any ideas when it might be?
  5. I remember years ago I played Voodoo Vince on the original Xbox, which was mostly a platformer but had some melee combat. I found the art direction somewhat similar to Psychonauts and also the soundtrack had a bit of a similar sound to some of Peter McConnell's work (kind of a mix of polka and jazz, for lack of a better genre description) - I even remember in an interview he had said that he liked that soundtrack. Some of the platforming required to collect everything was pretty damn tough and I wouldn't say it's anywhere on Psychonaut's level but it was a fun enough game. I didn't realize this but after googling it I saw it was made by Clayton Kauzlaric, who worked with Ron Gilbert on Deathspank.
  6. I was planning to try to hit the two achievements myself just now but Steam seems to be having caching issues right now. I have Psychonauts on Steam but I've never played through the whole game on PC (bought the original Xbox version on release and always replayed that version). This'll be a good excuse to play through it again! EDIT: Steam came back up just in time for me to download the PC version and get the two achievements before the end of the day! So that's one more person with the achievements.
  7. Does anyone know if Fig pledges made from Canada will require a conversion rate into USD? I ask because recently I backed Shenmue 3 and was surprised (as a Canadian) how much higher the amount ended up being in US dollars. Currently the Canadian dollar is doing really poorly (about 75 cents in American currency) so this will factor in to what kind of tier I can afford. I looked at the Fig documentation and it says that they use a payment service called Stripe - I looked at their site and I can't tell if purchases made in CAD require a conversion rate. Here's the site: https://stripe.com/ca/pricing
  8. Is the VHX release in MP4 format? I'm planning to watch the episodes on my PS3.
  9. So I've attempted a proper playthrough of MC a number of times now, and I always seem to run into the same dillemna quite early on - if I use high-level heroes for my Keeps, Sagewright Guilds and Crucibles, I tend to lose battles with the remaining lower-level heroes, but if I use lower-level heroes as Regents and Standards my main heroes evetually die of old age and I again lose battles (Catch-22). Another problem I tend to run into is a very limited amount of certain troops - there tend to be dry spells of Caberjacks or Hunters or Alchemists, even if I try to have a Keep for each. In my last playthrough I finally got a decent Standard installed (an old level 5 Alchemist) but only my newly trained Caberjacks reached level 2 (I guess because their Keep had a slightly more experienced Regent and Partner), and by that time battles were simply unsustainable with these troops. Recruiting new heroes seems pointless because they all start at level 1. Also I researched health potions and while these were useful at first, when I ran out of high-level heroes they weren't enough to keep the newbies alive. I've read a number of posts of people saying they find the game really easy. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but essentially no matter what I do I run out of heroes. I find the battles incredibly challenging unless I keep using the same heroes who die of old age. So I guess what I'm looking for from everyone is some tips for early on in the game - what to do to try to balance between having high-level Regents/Standards pumping out more experienced children, and still having enough powerful heroes for active duty. Some suggestions for what to research would be great too. Does installing high-intuition Sagewrights early on speed up research much? I had Sagewrigths with a combined intuition of 5 starting out on one playthrough, but it didn't seem to speed up research enough to warrant losing good heroes to the position. Also what determines the class of the children of a house? Is it only the Regent's class that is taken into account? I think it would be neat if a couple comprised of, say Alchemists and Hunters, could produce both of these classes. Anyway any advice you guys might have would be great.
  10. Well you REALLY don't know that. With the advancements in regenerative medicine with stem cells,etc in the last few years, immortality *could* be achieved. It probably won't be achieved within the next 50 years but you can't rule out the possibility! oh i plan to live forever or die trying wait
  11. didn't know anything about this since i haven't been around in a while; please get well soon Tim
  12. precious? come over here, i'll help write the screenplay, put down the gun first though! move towards the light, sad screenwriting friend! LOL I guess my Gollum impression is pretty horrible. naw i got it smeagle! come here, i've got rhyyyyy-yyyyyymes Stop breathing in from your mouth while chewing bread. lol!! but i like those, really the second one is epitimozes the sublte snarky humor of it
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