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  1. Well that is a bit disconcerning, I guess that is to be expected, video game media being the way it is.
  2. I know it's not a confirmation, and I know that he has been interested in making a sequel for a while, but since it has now become something "newsworthy" that he is interested in finding a publisher for it, I thought it would be an interesting topic.
  3. How is this a "OMFG PSYCHONAUTS 2" thread? It's a thread about whether or not it would be profitable for a publisher to take a chance on making Psychonauts 2, since it was recently announced that Tim Schafer is interested in making a sequel, but he has not found a publisher yet to take the project on. It seems like a much more interesting topic then talking about a game that is 8 years old.
  4. 1. People have differing opinions, insulting someone for having a difference in opinion is usually what people do when they feel like they can't properly defend their side of the argument. 2. He brought up some very valid criticism, while the game is just as funny and charming as the rest of the Tim Schafer games, the gameplay in it is pretty lacking. 3. Yahtzee's reviews are usually cynical. On his list for top 5 games of 2010, he put Red Dead Redemption 3rd, a game which he gave a pretty bad review to. Whenever he makes a review where he praises a game, people don't find it funny, so he always has a generally negative tone in his reviews.
  5. dumblogic511

    Voice acting

    I agree with this for the most part, the downloadable games from DF (Costume Quest, Stacking) so far don't seem like games that should have voice acting, but for future downloadable games, I would definitely love some voice acting, because a lot of the charm and humor from Psychonauts and Brutal Legend were thanks to good voice acting.
  6. My bad, Carl said "Depends who the target audience would be" and I replied with who I believed the target audience for psychonauts 2 would be, I didn't mean to rephrase the question.
  7. dumblogic511

    Voice acting

    It depends, for most download titles, I would say skip the voice acting. For a Double Fine game, no question I would prefer it to have voice acting.
  8. I think I worded that a little wrong. It's not what I'm asking in the question, it's what I believe would need to happen in order for Psychonauts 2 to sell well enough. I'm asking if you believe Psychonauts 2 would be commercially successful, in general, not if it would be commercially successful to a certain audience.
  9. The target audience would be people who have played the original psychonauts, (which due to gamefly and steam is vastly larger than it used to be with just the people who played it on xbox) the question is, would those people who bought it for 2 dollars on steam, or just played it because they already had gamefly have been impressed enough by it to buy a sequel for 6o bucks.
  10. Psychonauts is my favorite game of all time, so when I recently heard that Tim Schafer was ready to make a sequel I was ecstatic. I think it would be able to sell well, due to the large amount of people who have played it through steam and gametap, and I am confident enough in the quality of psychonauts, that I do believe the game has created enough of a fanbase that would be willing to pay 60 dollars for a Psychonauts 2, that it would be a commercial success, but I'm not sure if any publisher is willing to take a risk on it.
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