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  1. You sir, are an ass. Kickstarter backers are NOT investors.
  2. He reposted. Check the first page. How did I miss that??? I just want a game that takes several sessions to complete, and makes me feel like I've been on a big adventure. Ron makes the point about movies in his chat with Tim... but what about TV series? LOST told a huge, epic story that lasted something like 120 hours. I'm not saying I want 120 hours, but I certainly wouldn't be unhappy with 40. I think 8 would be far too short. Of course, I wouldn't want the game to be loaded with filler to make it longer, but there's something about the amount of time you spend in a world that makes it more real. That makes the ending pay off more. That makes you more engaged. That makes you care about the characters more. Hell, I cared about the characters in Final Fantasy VII -- probably only because I spent so long with them. A story that makes you feel like you've taken the Ring to Mordor and then made your way back to Hobbiton is pretty amazing. Monkey Island 1 did that for me. Of course it doesn't have be fantasy/sci-fi or anything like that. It doesn't have to be "epic". But I do want to feel like I've lived in that world for long enough for it to feel real. Somebody wrote a post recently about these games being the opportunity to walk around in Tim's brain. I just don't want that experience to be over too quickly, especially since it's so rare. That's my vote, anyway
  3. Wow, so you've NEVER left the cinema going "HOLY SHIT! THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!"? Not ONCE?
  4. So what was the last film you came out of the cinema and went "HOLY SHIT! THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!"? And what was the last film you came out of the cinema going, "Man, what a terrible disappointment!"?
  5. Give it some more thought
  6. High expectations are the enemy. There's no doubt about that. (Remember the last time you went to the cinema and you had your socks blown off? What were your expectations before you went in? Remember the last time you went to the cinema and you left feeling bitterly disappointed? What were you expectations then? I rest my case.) But if this game blows (or rather, I'm someone who doesn't like it), I'm quite prepared to accept that. This whole thing is a gamble. I'm looking forward to playing it, no doubt, and I HOPE it will be amazing, but I'll be perfectly happy to accept if I don't like it. (That is, provided it's not 90% great, but the other 10% is so bad that it ruins the whole experience - that will frustrate me no end!) But whatever happens, happens. The whole experience, (being able to fund a Tim Schafer game, and watching history being made), has ALREADY been hugely enjoyable! And I expect the next few months, watching the game come together, will also be incredibly enjoyable. However the final game turns out, I'm already glad I spent $120 on this project!
  7. Good luck with that. And given how you're NOT bumping this thread, I don't expect to see you post in it again unless someone is asking you a question. Right...?
  8. Sorry that wasn't vitriol, that was just answering your question... which has gotten pretty annoying after the fourth or fifth time. Complaining here isn't going to help. Your best bet is to contact DF directly at their support email address. I know you say you've done that, but eventually you will get a response. Also, please stop complaining that DF owe you something for your own silly mistake. You're not the victim of a scam, you messed up. I'm sure you'll get it sorted, but getting angry at THEM isn't reasonable.
  9. You got the $30 reward tier because you selected it when you entered your bid. It wasn't do for you, or automatically. By default NO reward is selected. You then got an email from DoubleFine telling you your chosen reward tier. You were also told every time you visited the page: You then had 33 days to log back in and change your reward tier to whatever you wanted. In short: YOU made a silly mistake. That said, I'm sure DoubleFine will honour your request, as soon as they have the time to do so.
  10. This is also a great post for Tim to read: http://www.sizefivegames.com/2012/03/14/hello-tim-schafer/ Main points: 1. People these days have a very low tolerance for tough puzzles. 2. I reckon if anyone was using [clever technology] to track when people stop playing point-and-clicks, it’d turn out they all save and switch off with the introduction of a huge, sweeping area to explore. Suddenly loads of new people to talk to, new puzzles to identify… eugh. It’s probably also where people never bother coming back to the game. It’s daunting! Smaller, tighter, densely-packed areas with minimal to-ing and fro-ing are where it’s at. 3. Finally, and possibly most-importantly: the role of the auteur in adventures is key. When I was playing Full Throttle, there was a personal relationship between you and I. You, at the time, were presumably not aware of this. I knew that solving puzzles wasn’t necessarily about logic, or doing the right thing, it was about what walls you as a designer had chosen to put up. Your brain, your rules. Well worth a read!
  11. Sorry, but you're are putting words in my mouth. I've never said that leaks can NEVER be good. I've repeatedly stated that I'm arguing against the idea that leaking backer content is unequivocally good for this project. Comments like this: "allow material to leak as it will, as it can only help marketing" "But why not ? It is free publicity, it will get people interested in the project and eventually they will get more money out of leaks then not." I previously explained this to you here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6021/P30/#190481
  12. My only beef is with people who are saying that it is a GOOD thing for DF and 2PP to leak their property. It's not only unethical, the logic behind it being "good" (usually, "marketing") is utterly absurd and doesn't have an ounce of common sense behind it. The companies involved know how to market their own products, and if they thought sharing these videos would help their sales, they're more than capable of doing it themselves.
  13. Dude. You clearly weren't following The Dark Knight. NOBODY knew what The Joker was going to look like. When the images came out, people were relieved. I have no doubt that there were some AWFUL designs that they had to get out their system, before they found the right path. Yes, concept art CAN be cool (do you really think I don't know this?), but they only show you the cool stuff. They don't show you the shit. This is especially true of big design companies. Rob Bottin's original RoboCop designs have never been released, for example, because they're supposedly so bad. Even now they could damage people's reputations. Turning a blind eye, and therefore condoning leaks, could potentially cause all sorts of problems. Most of which have been discussed. And to repeat myself again: I'm not saying it would definitely be the end of the world, I'm just saying it has the potential to damage the game and affect future KickStarter projects. It will NOT, as you suggested, help with the marketing. If it did, all game studios would reveal the aborted processes... Don't you think? Bottom line: This is Double Fine's property. It's up to them to decide what to do with it. It's not cool to suggest that by leaking it that people are HELPING Double Fine.
  14. It's amazing how this argument keeps coming back. Yes, what you're saying make sense, until you actually stop and think about it. Then it makes no sense whatsoever. (Do people even read the thread before they post? I guess not.) Here's something you missed:
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