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    Im sorry i used bad language... i will call him dum dum instead! he he
  2. we should all buy extra copies of Brutal legend to cover all the dum dums that are dum dum enough not to buy the best game ever created, im going to buy an extra copy right now (with my brother's credit card )
  3. heya!!!!! welcome to the forum!!!! Im also new here
  4. Is what he does ot make stuff up about a game and make people think badly about it when it's the greatest game ever?!?
  5. That's right! It's the peoples fault for not getting it! yahstupidheadtzee needs to stop blaming the games mechanics when he doesn't know what he is talking about! 100% agree
  6. 100000 topics would not do justice to how epic this games iz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Every level in the game is perfectly made for the experience! meat circus gives you an overwhelming satisfaction finishing it the game is perfect, nuff said!
  8. Cults are a great way to bring people together with the same beliefs, Im glad to be part of this cult
  9. Razzatat


    I'm REALLY sorry If I was mean, but yeah, he should really be a big boy and find out himself something that has been said a billion times before
  10. Idon't think the people on this forum are very awesome, so Im going to post things Tim says so you guys can meditate on them, here is something he said about people who are not awesome: "'You work your hardest to come up with not just a good idea but a really good presentation of the idea, and you really think you have something, and you take it out there, and the response you get sometimes is just appalling. It can be really depressing because, you see, the people in charge of green lighting projects are just lame. Some of them are really cool, don't get me wrong, but a lot of the people making decisions did not come to that point in that company because of their awesomeness.'" I know he's talking about people in charge but this applies to you too! Instead of focusing on the beautiful art, you are all nitpicking "this game is not on PC, bla bla bla" seriously... meditate on those words for an hour
  11. I don't care what some negative people on here say, Double fine is only interested in artistic expression, Tim had said again and again! And if you are going to complain about things not being on PC then you obviously don't have an artistic bone in your body, and don't know that art requires SACRIFICE, that means go out and BUY A CONSOLE TO PLAY THE BEST< MOST ARTISTIC FLAWLESS GAMES EVER MADE Sorry for being a little rude to some people, I'll be nice, but those PEOPLE, know what I think about them
  12. It's like the most incredible game ever! I know I said it before but the awesomeness of this game makes me want to say it again and again, and again and again
  13. Razzatat


    Waaaa, didn't you read the article?!? here: He had a word of advice for die-hard fanboys who constantly pester him about the PC on Twitter, Facebook and the comments section on the Double Fine site, however: knock it off. "Every time that happens it makes my eye twitch and I take a dollar out of the 'PC Port Fund' jar," he said. This guys comments are making Tim's eye twitch and annoying him and yet you are defending him!!! and attacking me!!! What the hell?!?
  14. How can you say that! The review is so off, he has no idea how to play a game he just needs to be critical so people like him, i can't believe you guys are supporting him, do you ACTUALLY AGREE WITH HIM!!!! Brutal Legend trumped every other single game that year but he didn't even list in in the top 5!!! He has no idea what he is talking about, why are you guys supporting him? you have just been brainwashed because he is popular!
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