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  1. Tank

    w00t! Just got 100%

    I completed it 100% in 5 hours. Bit dissapointed with the lifespan. Fantastic game though. DLC needed.
  2. In one of the Stacking interviews Tim talked about working on "Double Fines Next Big Project" while smaller groups were working on the downloadable games. Could this be the big project Tim was on about? If it is I'm ever so slightly disapointed..
  3. Well Double Fine you did it again. You made a unique game that really is a breath of fresh air to the FPS dominated market. But Brutal Legend and Stacking both are really short. Dissapointing seeing as there both amazing games. DLC for Stacking please!
  4. My ONLY complaint with this game is that the main story is too short. Only 3 areas ( I dont count the Royal train station) come on Double Fine I wanted to be sucked into this world and the levels were just... eh. Apart from the steamship I didnt like the level design. Especially the triple decker train. I found that stupid to navigate. This game deserves DLC. It begs for it. I didnt want it to end. And I know I can find all solutions in the game and do all the hijinks and trust me I will. But I just wanted more in terms of actual puzzles. Maybe having 15 or so puzzles in a level but only having to complete 10 of them would have been better than 5/6 easy puzzles and you had to do them all. I mean I still have to find all the solutions then maybe I'll be satisfied but 1200 ms points is steep for a game this length. Should have been 800..
  5. My level will be based around Britain. So there would be crumpets at every turn. The British colours. And cups of tea. Loads of tea. I'm a proud Britain!
  6. Oh awesome I was just wondering also. How many puzzles are there per level? In the trial you play in the train station and theres only one puzzle. Do the rest of the levels have more than 1 puzzle. If so on average how many? As you can tell I like my games to last a long time.
  7. Is this game easy? Basically does it require me to think outside the box for the puzzles? I played the trial and I found all 3 soloutions easy to find out apart from the last one which was flatulating into the fan. But anyone thats got some distance in the game is it easy? Also is it a long game? I plan to 100% the game. I'll be getting Microsoft Points this weekend and these are the only problems I have for the game. 1200 points for a game that might not last me a week? Dosnt seem worth it..
  8. Last movie I watched? Well I rewatched Inception the other day but if you mean at the Cinemas then it would have to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1... I hate that movie..
  9. Does anyone think it'll be a good idea if Double Fine release there Downloadable games in Disk form? As a collection? So Costume Quest, Stacking and any other downloadable games they have coming. (I suspect 1 or 2 more). This would give other people who dont have Xbox Live or PSN a chance to play these games. Think about it GTA did it and they sold alot more copies in disc format then downloadable. So that can only mean more money for Double Fine. What you say?
  10. Well I would have liked to use them a couple more times. I mean whats the point in them if your only really gonna use them once or twice? Might as well just have omitted from the game and got rid what you would have needed them for. Would make no difference.
  11. First off I would like to say that this game is amazing and I love it. But there is one thing that slightly annoys me. Near the end of the game when you get powers such as Invisibility, Clarvoince and Confusion I found them not to be used as much as other powers such as Telekinesis, Psi Blast and Levitation. I just think that some of the powers weren't really nessacary like Pyrokenisis. I can't remember a time where you need to use this to advance in the story the same as Invisibility I can only recall 1 or 2 times where you have to use it. While other powers were used to often like Telekinesis which was pretty much used for everything. I mean I know you can use Clarvoince on different people to see how they see you but many people dont really look for little things like that meaning average players wont really make use of that power but Invisibility I cant remember apart from one time where that has to be used. But alas this is a little thing called nitpicking and it doesn't detract from the game at all. Just my thoughts.
  12. I think the game would sell well. I mean there's a massive fan base for the first game seeing as most people here love the game and there are probably loads more people world wide. Its addition to xbox originals on xbox live helped many other people to get into the game and if they advertised the game properly this time more new people could get into the game boosting the sales of the orignal as well.
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