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    I like games that are both wacky and mildly disturbing. Or just wacky, whatever. Same goes for music but they can turn disturbing up to eleven for all I care. On that note, Dog Fashion Disco rocks my world, excuse the cliché. x3 Go bother Boyd for me: http://boyd-cooper.deviantart.com/ And Moni (original character), for that matter (though her profile isn't quite finished yet): http://moni-wintercrest.deviantart.com/ And Jeremy: http://jeremygoode.deviantart.com/ And the Twins: http://twins-of-
  1. 1. Sasha Nein 28 (+4) 32 2. The Baron 21 3. Dorsilla 26 4. The Kill Master 29 5. Don Copal 20
  2. 1. An ASUS netbook. 2. A shoulder-bag from Cyberdog. 3. Two Sleepytime Gorilla Museum CDs 4. Brazil, Donnie Darko, and The League of Gentlemen Are Behind You! on DVD. 5. iTunes and Topshop gift-cards. 6. Various Jon Ronson books. 7. And finally, a Psychoville mug. >D
  3. I'm meaning to go see it at some point. Not sure when. But hopefully... :'D Also excited about BBC Sherlock, not to derail the topic so soon (you should all watch that, by the way; it's amazing).
  4. But it makes no sense. Remember scarecrow, you have to use your imagination. Quite. Besides, not everything needs to make sense for it to be enjoyable... and I could kind of follow it, so...
  5. I will hopefully be receiving a netbook... Other than that... I asked for some CDs, specifically by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and a shoulder-bag. Exciting stuff, I know.
  6. I wasn't sure whether to reply to this thread, but now other people have so I guess I can. I'm totally that insecure. :'D Anyway... my top five movies this year were The Debt, Paul, Super 8, X-Men: First Class, and maybe The Inbetweeners Movie? I don't know. My favourite non-2011 film that I saw this year has to be Donnie Darko. Just... how did I miss it before?!
  7. ^ Indeed. Regarding the original intention of the topic, I agree about the Libyan Civil War and the Occupy Protests being the biggest events. And regarding stuff that happened this year, uhh... well... My family finally sold my late grandmother's house. I made some awesome new friends, online and otherwise. I discovered the wonderful fandom that is Psychoville, and also continued to play Psychonauts to death. And I joined Tumblr. Totally important, I know.
  8. ^ ^ Wait, you're sad that no one saved your picture? o-o I'm relieved no one saved mine... as far as I know...
  9. I've been around, but it feels like I haven't posted here in ages. So, uh... hi.
  10. I went to see In Time, mainly because there was nothing else on at the time. It wasn't excruciatingly bad; the writing was pretty sketchy but I liked the concept and visuals.
  11. I'm still so sad I can't go to Resistanz. It was actually a music festival where I would have been happy to see almost all of the acts... but it's strictly over-18s only. D: So... unless it keeps going for another four years, I'll never be able to experience it for myself...
  12. ^ Indeed it is... and unfortunately, I uninstalled because a certain part kept making my computer crash. That was an incredibly short run, but oh well. I'd rather not risk anything when I fail at most things computer-related and have a lot of important work on that system at the moment... but maybe I'll try to troubleshoot when nothing's particularly urgent; maybe it was just a blip in the installation - which is very possible given how much the launcher was getting on my nerves. It's kind of annoying, though, since my computer doesn't seem to have problems with recent single-player games - and it's been able to run (admittedly older) MMORPGs before... but it really struggled with DCUO. Even the cursor wasn't working well. :c
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