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  1. YOU'RE A ZOMBIE! AAAAAAAAAAH! Well, yeah. I was brought back to life because Psychonauts 2 is confirmed. Anyways, I'll probably be back on the forums after a few years. Lately, been working at my job for a year and taking classes between. I thought someone was messing with me, so I googled it and lemme tell you: I was an excitable, sobbing mess. Cried and laughed about a few times because it's been something I've yearned (along with others) have wanted for years! And look it that: WE HAVE IT! All I ask is gimme a playable Lili, have D'art show up, and make massive improvements from the last!
  2. PSYCHONAUTS 2 IS HAPPENING. FOr the longest time, I've been on high hopes for a sequel, and now, 10 years later, ITS A THING. I also knew I'd cry happy tears at least more than once, haha. So, any thoughts?
  3. Abby

    3d Raz

    I'm getting a Borderlands and World of Warcraft vibe to him because of the paintbrush-like style. It looks great, but one thing I want to say about it (like everyone else) is that his eyes look a bit odd. Placement seems fine to me, but maybe try to put in some more shading around the eyes and make them a bit open. Aside from that, great work! Hope to see more from you eventually. C:
  4. Your take on Bobby is terrifying, yet very interesting and awesome! It's like you mixed your style with the game's style, making it different somehow. I can also see the sequel having this sort of take on it; though it's going to be kind of terrifying to see most of the campers like this! Not saying like it's a bad thing since a lot of the characters look a bit eccentric and stylized. This would fit in the sequel, but it'll take some time to get used to them (especially Bobby). In short, amazing job! Hoping to see more models of the other characters eventually. I would love to see your take on Loboto and Sheegor with the addition to Mr. Pokelope whenever you'll work on him. Just keep it up! Forgot to add in something else; that's one hell of a quality Linda.
  5. Ahh, I forgot you were also from Illinois, Leroy. Nice to hear that we got another one there! ^^ Looking forward to meeting some new people and getting the chance to know Kirby. She seems like an interesting little lass~
  6. Didn't noticed anything odd and out of sync as soon Raz sat down with the other campers. Surprised that I'm not the only one with this problem. Hoping they'll fix this and whatever glitches they have further on in the game.
  7. Leroy - You're correct, I am from Illinois. I'm probably the only one that resides in that state besides of Hewgh who hasn't been active in a LONG time. Kirby - Please to meet you! I'm thrilled that you enjoy my art! Lucky for you, I'm planning to post more of my art here. Everyone else - Thank you for the warm welcomes! Feels so glad to be back from such a long time! Are the chats still going? Have I missed a lot? If you all don't mind, can I get a recap of some of the highlights that happened?
  8. I agree with you all the way! Everything from the execution of the film, to the story, the animation, the shock twists, the characters, just everything was great about the movie! This has to be the best animated film I've seen this year, and has become one of my favorites of all time.
  9. Goodness, it's been forever since I've been here! Just wanted to say that good ol' Abby's back, and I'll try to do my best to post here from time to time. College's been keeping me busy, and one of the only games I'm busy with is Guild Wars II (which is seriously fun!). Hoping you guys are glad to see me again! C:
  10. I've seen this before, and unfortunately, it's NOT what you think it is. I was fooled with this before, and I read about further, it's apparently about these two guys in the military, taking drugs, and entering random people's minds. I wish that a Psychonauts movie (you know, the one with Raz) was possible.
  11. I normally have meatball subs at a lot of sub shops, but chicken and turkey sandwiches are really damn good. Same as onions, lettuce, the usual toppings. I also like to have meatball subs with a lot of spices and peppers, which is very delicious.
  12. Brony: I am a brony. I enjoy watching a cartoon of colorful, little horses that believe friendship is magic. Pinkie Pie is the best pony. Guy: I hate ponies. Brony: I will love and tolerate the feces out of you. Next: Basement Dweller
  13. I have a PS3 and PC. Disappointed that there aren't really a lot of the same games on the PS3, but what can I do? Someday, I'll go over to a friends house if they have any of the games there and play the crap out of them. I mainly use the PC a lot to play Psychonauts. As for Brutal Ledgend, on the PS3. I'm hoping to get more DF games through PC when I can.
  14. I'm hoping so as well, and I love the concept of going into your own mind based on the personality test you took.
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