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  1. I got it a couple hours ago. I thought the game was glitched, and I wasn't getting my trophies, but it turned out I missed something. I think it would be good if the Hi-Jinks were shown in a different color if they were incomplete.
  2. It's NEVER too soon to talk about squeals.
  3. Considering my grandma can't tell when she farts (I think she just can't hear it, so she assumes none of us can), then I think it's 100% okay to fart on the elderly. They deserve it.
  4. If you press the center button on the PS3 controller (bringing up the XMB) during a transition sequence, the audio keeps playing, allowing you to run it out and watch the remainder of the transition video in complete silence.
  5. I found a small graphical bug. While in Cromwell (the wedgie guy), I don't see the dolls inside him if I do his special wedgie move.
  6. They make it pretty clear when you buy PS+ and when you download anything that that is the case. You still get a huge value from PS+, and you can always pay for the game in the future if you want.
  7. "Constraint breeds creativity." ~Mark Rosewater (of Magic the Gathering fame)
  8. For everyone looking for Stacking on the PSN: It has been there for hours now. PSN just hasn't updated the display for some reason. If you click on the search button, you can find Stacking that way.
  9. Stacking is not showing up on the PSN, but you can search for it and get it. It seems as though there's some problem with PSN not updating things today, but all the new content is there.
  10. This absolutely made my day. Stacking was already going to be a day-one purchase for me. To find out that I'm getting it for free is awesome (almost a shame - I wanted to give you my moolah).
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