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  1. speaking of dogs dying fetus has a song called kill your mother rape your dog.
  2. bands can growl and have musical talents. i would challenge anybody (even overated herman li) to take on muhamad scuimez from necrophagist in a guitar battle anyday.
  3. I THINK I FOUND SOMTHING THAT BEATS IT!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnrtNOHK79g
  4. O...M....F....G....!!!! I ALMOST CRIED LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm going to take a guess here and say yours, REAL METAL SINGERS HAVE LONG HAIR THAT CAN KILL! metal isn about the way you look its how you feel about the music. just because the singer dosent have long hair dosent mean he isnt metal. pantera' lead singer has short hair and he is still metal as f***!!! does TS look like he listens to metal? dosent mean he cant headbang! \m/
  6. 9 out of 10 pricks live with their mom till the age of 30.
  7. Possibly but I seriously doubt it. Based on what? You got a crystal ball? Oh I got a ball... Oh yeah? I've got TWO. But let's grt back on the topic of the STUNNING REVELATION!!!111!!!! i was on topic.
  8. Eh? What sorts of games are those?! Everyone knows that (aside from Brutal Legend, as of late) the only reason to own a 360 is to play UNO ONLINE. ....and gears of war, and halo 3, and call of duty.
  9. I have never met a Guitar Hero player who thinks he can shred on a real guitar just because he has mad skills on GH. I have, however, met kids who can give Herman Li and Sam Totman a run for their money on both GH AND a guitar. So, eh. Somehow I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone who thinks they can play a guitar after playing Guitar Hero. herman li is so overated. he got famous by doing 4 finger tapping(not thay he started 4 finger taping thats just all he does) and he sucks live.
  10. brütal legend makes you feel like a bunch of happy asians???? Yah wtf man? Eh.. no-eeh.. Like running happily on a hill hand in hand, because Brutal Legend is announced...! Try imagine them as people. Then it'll make sense! ohh!!! now i see it!
  11. im just now learning sweep picking. its a b****.
  12. i dont even think it matters if people complain about the music. it dosent mean there going to take it out.
  13. brütal legend makes you feel like a bunch of happy asians????
  14. i didnt like pokemon that much i was more into the yu-gi-oh era.
  15. i go to sleep, wake up and come back on and people are calling me UGLY?!?!?!?!?! *runs like a little girl back into room crying*
  16. even though that may not be the excact same person. i think there will be alot of references to psyconaughts in this game.
  17. im selling all my games (including gear of war) so i can pay for rock band guitar hero 3 and put brütal legend on pre order.
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