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  1. not to mention guitar hero was a little bit lame and cheesy compared to rock band. they could have changed up their game design a little and things might be different (in my opinion). for example, i would like to see a console music game incorporate aspects of this addicting game: http://www.gilligames.com/SOGRS/index.htm
  2. mmm, schnitzel... in other news, i <3 stacking and can't wait to leave work to play it
  3. footawn

    Where is it?

    no need for reviews here. i know i'm buying it!
  4. footawn

    Where is it?

    i was sad last night when i discovered that PSN doesn't give people the "midnight release" treatment that some retailers do on the day a game comes out. yes, this is the first PSN game i've ever cared enough about to attempt acquiring it the second it's available. =D
  5. If I wore a Whispering Rock T shirt to a DFAJI (job interview), would that be lame like wearing a band's t-shirt to their show?
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