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  1. Title Update/Patch notes.

    Don't mean to bring this up again, sorry if this has been mentioned before, but you DO NOT need to erase your save game to fix this issue. Just follow these steps and it should get you up and running again! 1. Delete Grubbins on Ice DLC from system memory - you can redownload this later 2. Delete Cache on hard drive by going to memory and pressing (Y) on the device where your saves are located - Note! you will have to re download all of the updates for any games that you own, DLC stays but it can cause problems with games like Crackdown that will report your savegame as being corrupted if it is not the most recent update. This can be fixed by updating any 'broken' games 3. Play costume quest and DECLINE the update, you will be D/C from XBL but you should be able to proceed as normal. Worked great for me! Hope that it can do the same for you!