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  1. One time for the ps2. I loved it. I got it for Xbox later on because the ps2 version kinda sucks, but I loved it despite its problems. Xbox version was superior until I tried it out on backwards compatability, where I encountered lots of screen tearing and graphical glitches. The new downloadable, ultra version of Psychonauts is obviously the best version and worth the price of admission.
  2. yes there are psychonauts gamer pics and a theme when i saw them i said this out loud: well this is obviously the best day ever
  3. I bought the game for ps2. loved it. The long load times sucked, so i eventually got it for Xbox. The Xbox backwards compat isn't perfect, so I am downloading it over 360. Simple. Lunacy has nothing to do with it.
  4. While Nintendo's message is supposedly gameplay over graphics, there are plenty of games on Xbox 360 and (soon) on Ps3 that have both good gameplay and graphics. Why have only one when you can have both? Plus, most games don't have either. With Wii, you not only likely get a game that is gimmicky as hell (so much for good gameplay!), you get awful graphics as well. So instead you want the same-old-same-old with worse graphics? Because Wii isn't really innovative and it's games aren't really that new. Wow, I'm jumping up and down and acting like Wiimote is a massive cloud of bees that are chasing me! So innovative and new! Why have I been playing with buttons these past 18 years of my life? They're so obsolete! Most of the noteworthy games on Wii are games we have been playing for 10-20 years, yet no one calls Nintendo on that. It's the same damn thing: Mario is jumping! Mario is in a go kart! Mario is playing tennis! Mario is playing baseball! Mario is fighting other cereal box game characters! Mario is partying! Another Zelda! Another Metroid! Another Wario Ware! Nothing new from Nintendo and yet these are always the most notable games on a Nintendo system. Regurgitated to the ninth degree, and yet Wii doesn't have the awesome 360 third party game support to fall back on. Tsk tsk tsk, but I thought that 360 and ps3 only emphasized graphics over gameplay! They don't have any games at ALL! People can support Nintendo all they want, I don't care. I bought a Wii day one and the thing sat there mocking me for half a year because it didn't have games, and yet the most notable games on the Wii coming out are the same thing over and over again. I really wish people could see through this driveling facade Nintendo is trying to sell gamers, but it seems the only way you would see through it is if you didn't grow up with Nintendo games in the first place. Me, I grew up on Sega. To summarize: I just find it funny people always give MS and Sony and all the other developers out there shyt when Nintendo has done it a hell of a lot worse over their 20 + years of being a developer.
  5. How is their message different from Nintendo's? I'm tired of people thinking Nintendo is somehow different from Sony and MS. Nintendo is in this for the money. They don't care about you. The fact they released such underpowered hardware and is selling it for 250 proves this.
  6. Yes, I want to work in the games industry. I'd like to intern and eventually work for Double Fine or Bioware, but that's probably a dream. Whatever. If I set my mind to it, I can do it. I know the game industry is extremely competitive and brutal, so I'll have to tough it out and do my best. I'd like to work in the art related field (character design is my specialty), but my goal is be a game designer. A sort of cliche' answer, but take that for what you will.
  7. I especially like the NUNS FROM HELL. You can find themhere. I love these character designs so much. Great job as usual, guys!
  8. I have to say that I'm not a big heavy metal fan, but I think that what I've seen so far could appeal to non-metal fans and the fanatics of the genre. I mean, who resist nuns from hell? I'm pretty sure the game will be eloquently written, and hilarious, just like all the other games Tim has worked. I'm sure it will feature amazing art design, as the character designs and art design look like they're Scott Campbell. Just because the game looks extremely different when compared Double Fine's last game, and the previous games Tim has worked on, does not mean that it will be bad. I have a lot of faith in this game and I seriously doubt not liking heavy metal will detract from the experience.
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