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  1. Hey guys I've really been hanging out for some super cool Brütal Legend posters similar to those found in the actual game. I am interested in one poster in particular, it depicts a simple silhouette of a Headbanger urinating with the words 'Keep It Clean' written underneath. These posters can be found on the side of the Ironheade toilets in and around Deaths Clutch. I was wondering if anyone has or is able to obtain a high-quality version of that poster, as I would like to make it into a full size poster for my house. I think I asked The Milkman about this a few months ago on the Brütal Legend Wiki, but I am unsure whether or not he/she read my message. If anyone can help me out with this in any way, I would be most appreciative. Thanks
  2. There should be an option for 'Who the fuck cares'
  3. F@#$ it dudes, this guy is right. I say we make our own images no matter how ridiculous they may look, it's sweet that way. Will this mean that we will need to make an original card skin? If someone makes a skin I'd be happy to send you any pictures I do (if we all decide to use original pictures)
  4. With respect, Afghan, Warrior and Brutal V1ctory you need to lighten up a little bit, I'm beginning to see a trend with some of your posts. So if we could just get along and discuss the TCG as opposed to who uses what faction, it would be much appreciated. Sorry, I don't mean to be a jack.
  5. This is great dudes, your actually working together and making something of your own. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little excited. Does anyone know if we can get a website or page where we can post this stuff. We could get a BRTCG Wiki together where we can post the rules and make a database or a library of all the different cards. This is badass
  6. Nice dude, I recall I mentioned a TCG once or twice. Keep making them, they look cool
  7. Who? /v/ is apart of large imageboard website, /v/ is dedicated to /v/idya games, apprently someone made a thread about brutal legend and it exploded, now everyone is jumping on BL expect a big wave of new players, but not full retard new, but actually know how to play the game Hahahaha full retard... Never go full retard.
  8. Maybe because the Titans have allied themselves with the Guardian of Metal, ass you see them working inside the Motor-forge. I'm pretty sure the Guardian is an enemy of the Tainted Coil. In that segment of the game after you leave Deaths Clutch you can probably remember that the Tainted Coil has been busy castrating and tying up most of the iconic features in the scenery. But, you will notice that most of the objects that are vandalized are of human make, so I don't know. Do we really know that those things in the Crucible of the Titans were actually Titans? It's likely although I thought Titans had human faces. This is a good thread, I want to know more myself.
  9. This has all been said in great detail in many previous threads. If we really want Brutal Legend 2 we should actually band together and make it happen. That petition was a failure we must try other means to achieve success. None of this speculation bullshit (as insightful as this all is). If someone has any REAL ideas that they will see through, please make yourself known so that we may get a wider community behind it.
  10. When they speak of a free orange paintjob are they in fact referring to the Double Fine paintjob?
  11. "Is there something in my teeth?" -Lars Halford
  12. If you like don't like the game, don't play it. I think it's really nasty that you persist in berating a game from a small time video game company, especially when this forum is supposed to be enjoyed by people. I can't understand why you would be celebrating the downfall of a games popularity but I guess I'll never know. For the record, people are playing the game. It's probably just a problem with your connection, or the fact that your neighbors are out protesting in support of a crumbling global economy.
  13. I could probably do this, although I dislike all of the game making programs available to me, namely GameMaker. It just takes the fun away. Maybe one of these days.
  14. I'd buy it too. Please Double Fine, release some new Brütal Legend content!
  15. I understand that your trying to be loyal to this company and their products dude, so am I. I have Brütal Legend, Trenched and Stacking as well as all of the DLC. As much as I love Double Fine, you can't shy away from the fact that they are the people selling the product (as hard as it may have been for them from the get go, with the name changes and such), you can't blame lawyers or other higher authorities for the accidents or shortcomings of a small video game company. Also, it's a game so just chill out everyone. Coz I know your all going to buy the game despite what you say. I'm not angry people
  16. Just a quick question. Can someone tell me what hats you get after completing the Pacific?
  17. I always have a little concerned chuckle when I hear from the Grave Diggers "This song makes me want to kill myself". I have another, when Eddie is talking to Lita after the Battle of Bladehenge. Eddie - "Who died and made Lars king?" Lita - "My dad you jerk!" Eddie - "Oh, right. That makes sense..."
  18. People at Double Fine are so nice! I bought a Brütal Legend shirt and they gave me a free Psychonauts DVD and heaps of cool stickers, I was very touched because it was my birthday!
  19. I came back recently, I found out that I could actually upgrade my troops which was exciting because their appearance changes. I'm also gradually building up the playlist at home.
  20. Would you guys then be able to tell me all of the hats that you receive please? I'm curious as to what they are, I haven't seen much info on them. Cheers
  21. How come this only happens to some people, is it a time thing? Coz I have 100% on Stacking and The Lost Hobbo King and this never happened for me
  22. "This is what its all about guys, the fans. Be true to them and we can never go wrong"
  23. Hey the game could be called Brütal Kotick! You play as the humble and bearded games developer Tim Shaver as you gather a creative team and take it on the road in attempt to rid the world of money driven lunatics led by the oppressive overlord Koticulus. Wield the power of Shavers straight razor and legendary shtick to return the sacred chip of Enjöyment to a land filled with Adventure and Games. Long live Double Fine!
  24. Sweet as! Funny quote but the best one is where Fletus makes that chicken noise and Eddie says "That sounded like a chicken, I haven't seen any chickens around here" "That was the sound of the blood skink, the most cowardly of all skinks!" lol
  25. Has anyone got that "Six degrees of Schafer" achievement? I need to get it!
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