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  1. Awesome work! That graphite dust has such a nice finishing touch.
  2. Awesome stuff! I really like the cartoony styled modelling that you've got going on.
  3. Fantastic! Have you thought of doing a series of screenshots from the game?
  4. I noticed a little bit of overlap anim in the beard on one of the head moves. How was that accomplished? Was there manual mesh transforms applied or is the beard treated as an individual bone in the skeletal system? I think that sort of transform really does something for the 2d drawing.
  5. I found this post extremely interesting, as the software shown provides a very clean and concise task management. I am learning how to use Jira at my workplace, and sometimes it can be a bit tricky to see how a task/story is unfolding over a certain amount of time. It's interesting there's a set number of hours given for each task, and the burn down chart really shows how well these hours are working for a person. I am still very new to all this project management, but I really appreciated your insight.
  6. This isn't bad, but I do prefer the Vimeo option. I found Vimeo to be more reliable, and I can see how much it has buffered in the scrubber.
  7. Awesome. I really liked John Landis's direction on this one. He really bounced back from his recent flops to work on this super amazing side-documentary video. ... But in all honesty, that was fantastic.
  8. I love how pen and paper never crashes half way through something important.
  9. Wow... I am actually wondering what happens next. This is a pretty crazy comic. Do you have a separate website where you're posting these? Keep going!
  10. Thank you folks for all the kind words. If I find the time, I might do some more. Cheers!
  11. I was pretty upset about the Half Blood Prince's movie ending. I much preferred the ending in the book. I haven't seen Deathly Hallows Pt 1, because Deathly Hallows was my favourite Potter book. I'm curious to see Pt 2, just because of the ratings its' getting. I'm not a Potter fanatic, so I can wait as well. In other news, I just watched Girl Who Played with Fire [del]Girl With the Dragon Tattoo[/del]. I'm reading the book now, and realizing that the movie does the story a good amount of justice. I'm looking forward to watching Millenium 3, I just have to find time to watch them. Also curious to know how Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will fair with David Fincher.
  12. Excellent work! Looking forward to seeing more of it in the future!
  13. So, I started producing these costume quest pieces of fan art, and I think I'm ready to post some of them up. Enjoy! [updated: I've decided to throw all of them up here. ] Trenched Themed Grim Fandango Themed Double Fine Baby Themed? Stacking Themed .. .. Just for good measure, here was the one that sparked my imagination. ... will there be more? I don't know, depends upon what I spend my spare time upon in the future.
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