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  1. The idea of plushies is a damn good idea - I told my girlfriend about it the other day and she was like "what about the kids?" Maybe plushies of them (either in 'real' or 'imaginary' costumes) would be nifty.

    Regardless - I think Big Bones would be a great doll. We'd finally get to see his bottom-half.

    i like all the ideas, keep 'em coming. :D also, we're working on getting some CQ stuff in the store soon!

    Awesome-sauce! Any CQ merch is good CQ merch!

  2. Good morning, distinguished persons of the internet.

    When I realized that Stacking had STACKING DOLLS (which is a brilliant idea), I said to myself: "where is the Costume Quest merch?" An urgent and harrowing search of the store yielded no fruit - so let's talk.

    * A set of 'Creepy Treat' cards would make me very happy. Know what I'd hand out on Halloween? A few of those to each adventuring 'treeter.

    * Candy pails. Kind of a given - but hey.

    At this early hour, that's all my caffeine-lacking brain can come up with. But yes - swag! Merch! The things we need to survive!


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