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  1. Yeah I just checked again and it's STILL not on for us in Europe, wonder what's taking so long
  2. ahhh that means it actually comes out Wednesday for people in the UK! It's a good job I'm off tomorrow
  3. kinda sucks, it's not out in the UK 'till tonight, closer to a feb 9th date, and I was looking forward to playing it today ! Not to winge, would be nice if there was more info about updates on PSN page maybe, but I suppose not that many people anticipate PSN games this much usually.
  4. ahh good times! It's coming to 5.30 P.M in the UK and needed to know if it would be here by tonight, I've been anxiously waiting throughout the day
  5. eraserhead

    Where is it?

    Call me impatient, but I'm getting confused as to why Stacking isn't on PSN yet! And some people seem to think that the store only updates every Thursday, which would make announcing the game for a Tuesday somewhat illogical. WHAT'S GOING ON I WANT TO PLAY IT NOAWWWW.
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