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  1. Awesome little bit of DLC!! As with Costume Quest's DLC, it's so fun it leaves you hungry for more. Very Fun and I can't wait for the next installment!! I am available for hints or answers if anyone gets stuck or frustrated. Otherwise, enjoy!!
  2. Archer is pretty good. It kinda grows on you after the first couple of episodes. I watched the whole first season on Netflix the other day. I just started watching Weeds and have got up to season 3. Also Dexter season 3 is in my queue.
  3. Moon was awesome. Takes me back to when Sci-Fi was more than just "Huge alien invasions that destroy half the planet" crap that Hollywood insists on pumping out these days.
  4. I liked HTTYD and Toy Story 3 equally. HTTYD was just plain fun. Toy Story 3 was very poignant and bittersweet. Both great movies, just different.
  5. True. But his costume would be sweet...
  6. How about a Double Fine costume pack?! I think it would be great to play as Raz, Eddie, and Manny Calavera. I think their character designs would transfer well into the CQ universe, along with their gameplay abilities. Ultimate crossover for Double Fine fanatics!! Just a thought...
  7. "C'mon Elmo, get with program, uh..." I wonder how many other characters have been dying to say that?
  8. You could always resubscribe. I am sure Sony will have a deal for a lot of us early adopters. :roll: Assuming you went for the full year of course!!
  9. 100% on Costume Quest and Stacking=Fairly easy 100% on Psychonauts=Challenging but satisfying! Phigments can be a strait up beeyotch on some levels
  10. YEAH! Black Dynamite is outta sight!!! Girl#1:My momma said my daddy's name is Black Dynamite! Girl#2: Mine did too! Black Dynamite: ahhhhhh hush up little girls..lots of cats got that name.
  11. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice one.. I've been catching up on a lot of MST3K myself recently. Netflix has about 30 or so for streaming and I've been laughing for weeks.
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