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  1. I can help with Lost Hobo King Hints...

    No problem!
  2. I can help with Lost Hobo King Hints...

    No problem. Glad to help.
  3. I can help with Lost Hobo King Hints...

    PM sent to avoid spoilers
  4. I can help with Lost Hobo King Hints...

    Awesome little bit of DLC!! As with Costume Quest's DLC, it's so fun it leaves you hungry for more. Very Fun and I can't wait for the next installment!! I am available for hints or answers if anyone gets stuck or frustrated. Otherwise, enjoy!!
  5. The Let's Talk About TV Thread

    Archer is pretty good. It kinda grows on you after the first couple of episodes. I watched the whole first season on Netflix the other day. I just started watching Weeds and have got up to season 3. Also Dexter season 3 is in my queue.
  6. Last Movie you watched...

    Moon was awesome. Takes me back to when Sci-Fi was more than just "Huge alien invasions that destroy half the planet" crap that Hollywood insists on pumping out these days.
  7. Last Movie you watched...

    I liked HTTYD and Toy Story 3 equally. HTTYD was just plain fun. Toy Story 3 was very poignant and bittersweet. Both great movies, just different.
  8. Who wouldn't want this?

    True. But his costume would be sweet...
  9. Who wouldn't want this?

    How about a Double Fine costume pack?! I think it would be great to play as Raz, Eddie, and Manny Calavera. I think their character designs would transfer well into the CQ universe, along with their gameplay abilities. Ultimate crossover for Double Fine fanatics!! Just a thought...
  10. Once Upon A Monster first trailer!!!

    "C'mon Elmo, get with program, uh..." I wonder how many other characters have been dying to say that?
  11. Stacking is free for the month of Feb if you are a PS Plus member!!!

    You could always resubscribe. I am sure Sony will have a deal for a lot of us early adopters. :roll: Assuming you went for the full year of course!!
  12. w00t! Just got 100%

    100% on Costume Quest and Stacking=Fairly easy 100% on Psychonauts=Challenging but satisfying! Phigments can be a strait up beeyotch on some levels
  13. Stacking DLC is on its way!!!!

  14. Last Movie you watched...

    YEAH! Black Dynamite is outta sight!!! Girl#1:My momma said my daddy's name is Black Dynamite! Girl#2: Mine did too! Black Dynamite: ahhhhhh hush up little girls..lots of cats got that name.
  15. Last Movie you watched...

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice one.. I've been catching up on a lot of MST3K myself recently. Netflix has about 30 or so for streaming and I've been laughing for weeks.