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  1. Not sure about the macOS versions, but, at least with the Windows versions, the reason subsequent games aren't prompting you is because the launcher saves your username/email and your password (hashed) in the registry, which will be used for subsequent game installs/loads. Delete the key "HKCU\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher" and try to load your games again. Edit: After testing all of the TTG games I bought directly from them (Bone; Back to the Future; Hector, JP; Poker Night; Puzzle Agent 1 and 2; Sam & Max 1, 2, and 3; SBCG4AP; Tales of Monkey Island; Walking Dead 1 and 2; Wallace & Gromit; and The Wolf Among Us), it looks like TTG must've updated their older games to remove the legacy launchers, as everything pre-TWD goes right into the game, where just a couple years ago they all had some kind of launcher that required authentication or an offline license key thing. Unfortunately, TWD 1, TWD 2, and The Wolf Among Us all demanded TTG Account credentials in order to get past the splash screen. This might have something to do with these games utilizing a DLC-like distribution model for episodes beyond the first, so their CDN doesn't get hammered by non-customers.
  2. If you bought your games from TTG directly, you may run into problems in the future if they shut off their account authorization server.
  3. Please bring this to Xbox one and Ps4

    My question was regarding making the existing 360 version of Brütal Legend for use with the backwards compatibility on Xbox One, not a theoretical definitive edition.
  4. Knights and Bikes book!

    I wasn't a backer, so those campaign updates are not on my radar. DF has the email newsletter already; I don't get why it's not getting any attention. It would reach more than just backers for the game.
  5. Please bring this to Xbox one and Ps4

    Would DF have to relicense the soundtrack in order to release new console ports of the game? I was disappointed to find Brütal Legend wasn't backwards compatible; I ended up buying a copy for my girlfriend, and she hasn't been able to play it yet because her 360 is buried in storage.
  6. Knights and Bikes book!

    There's a Knights and Bikes book? Since when? DF really needs to send more email newsletters announcing stuff like this.
  7. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    That's unfortunate, but that means DF has plenty of time to coordinate a Costume Quest 3 (or perhaps an expansion for CQ2) to coincide with the release of the animated series. ;D
  8. Psychonauts - license key - Steam

    I didn't discover Psychonauts until its revival much later, so I have no idea if the original PC release had any sort of key. My recommendation is to buy a new, digital copy of Psychonauts from the Humble Store, as they currently (right now) have it for sale for $2.49 USD, and then proudly display your original on a shelf. The package from Humble not only gets you DRM-free offline installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but it also gets you a key for all three on Steam. You can alternatively buy effectively the same thing from Double Fine's shop (scroll down; powered by Humble, so you'd go to them for your downloads/key) for $10. GOG also has Psychonauts DRM-free for $10; the difference being you get a digital manual and a large pile of art goodies in lieu of a Steam key. And, of course, you can just buy it straight from Steam for $10, without any DRM-free installers or goodies.
  9. Does anyone own the Pack of Brutality?

    I bought it. T'was a shame that they screwed up the t-shirt order and sent everyone two smalls. What did you want to know? (And why not just ask the questions instead of asking to ask?)
  10. PS Exclusive Sadfaec

    Now if only the game could be played without a VR headset. I know, it defeats the purpose.
  11. How do I keep missing these GOG Connect events?
  12. Which controller are you using; the wired 360 controller, the Bluetooth Xbox One controller, or something else; and it works in other games?

    You could do what I did and sleeve and put away a full set in a binder, then build decks with the leftovers. 'Tis the season for Creepy Treat Combat anyway!

    I went down this hole a while ago; was just missing Peanut Butter Bomb and Peepers. Placed my second order to Fangamer with a double-haiku asking for help with these two cards. To my surprise, they packed in the two cards I was missing into the little pouch they include with all their orders! I was so grateful; and then I found a second set of those cards in the boosters they sent me. Not the first time this sort of thing happened to me. When I was much younger, I was really into the Pokémon TCG (back when Fossil and Team Rocket sets were still new). My parents, as a birthday gift, bought me a Charizard, since it was one of the few cards I was missing. Within a week, I was opening more base set 1 boosters and got another one.
  15. Fan-made voice pack?

    Or perhaps the inverse--if there is voice acting in a Costume Quest 3, then there should be an option to disable it in favor of only the text bubbles.