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  1. Don't forget the merit badges, in actual badge, fridge magnet, and I believe pin forms. There is also the Raz replica backpack as a Psychonauts 2 backer reward.
  2. Following up with DFA on Humble, I finally bothered to download everything. I'm no longer having problems with archives >4GiB (yay!), but there are a few outstanding, nitpicky issues: Inconsistent use of underscores in filenames. Some are "filename_ep##.zip" and some are "filename__ep##.zip". Inconsistent labeling of Bonus videos: Majority are named "Double Fine Adventure Bonus Ep.##". Zips for episodes 1 and 2 are named "Double Fine Adventure Bonus Vids Pack ##"; reads like a compilation rather than episode-specific. Inconsistent labeling of Deleted videos: Majority are named "Double Fine Adventure Deleted Ep.##". Zips for episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are named "Double Fine Adventure Deleted Vids Pack ##"; reads like a compilation rather than episode-specific.
  3. When do I get an 'I Voted' forum badge?
  4. Can? Yes, with enough money. Will? Probably not. It's plenty fair for a backer-exclusive edition to be available only to backers. That said, it's still possible a lesser collector's edition is planned.
  5. I'm pretty sure that all backers will get access to Windows, Linux, and macOS versions of the game, and those who paid extra for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One discs will get those as well. Is this what you were asking about?
  6. I would defer to someone at DF for an actual answer, but, unless it's something super-secret, the only DLC listed Steam Store page for Broken Age is the Soundtrack, which you'll also find on your DFA Humble page.
  7. Is this in reference to the backer versions? If so, I would say it's moot, because the campaign was for the PC versions, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One discs were campaign addons. Or is this in reference to a theoretical general-release collector's edition?
  8. I'm starting to download the updated DFA! files from Humble, and I noticed that there are a couple of downloads that don't have corresponding .torrent files: A Double Fine Adventure Deleted Scenes Full A Double Fine Adventure Full, Part 1 There is also inconsistent use of underscores (converted spaces?) among the bonus content, which, admittedly is a bit nitpicky, but it plays into the lack of differentiation in filenames between bonus/deleted packs and individual downloads: Bonus Video Packs are named: doublefineadventure_bonus__ep(01|02).zip (two underscores) Individual Bonus Videos are named: doublefineadventure_bonus__ep(03-04,07,09,11-20).zip (two underscores) Deleted Video Packs are named: doublefineadventure_deleted_ep01.zip (one underscore) doublefineadventure_deleted__ep(02-05).zip (two underscores) Individual Deleted Videos are named: doublefineadventure_deleted__ep(06,10,15,18,19).zip (two underscores) doublefineadventure_deleted_ep(08,09,11,12,14,16,17,20).zip (one underscore) And I know Sidequest 16 just came out, but it's currently not up on Humble. :3
  9. You have my support. Done!
  10. Netflix may not be the best example. While you can only (legally) stream Netflix-produced shows on Netflix, the barrier to entry is very, very low. About $10 gets you access to the service, and Netflix has made their service very available; you can pretty much use whatever device you please, be it a web browser, a game console, a mobile phone, a smart TV, a dedicated streaming device, or something else, at no cost beyond the subscription--or, if you don't want to pay for the subscription, certain Netflix shows do make it to DVD and/or Blu-ray. To me, Netflix would only be an apt comparison if Sony had allowed Double Fine to make RoR available on whatever popular VR platforms are available--PSVR, Oculus, Steam VR, and perhaps even Hololens. Sure, Sony is bankrolling the game, like Netflix with its shows; but, instead of making the game maximally available, they're limiting it to their hardware, the PS4, and it requires the PSVR, which might as well be unobtanium right now. The Rift and Vive might be prohibitively expensive, but I can at least find them for sale.
  11. I won't be able to play it because I can't seem to find any PSVRs in stock. I assume Sony is producing so few of them that they always seem to sell out.
  12. This is probably a better question to lob at Fig directly (And you should, because I don't represent Fig), but I believe pledges were finalized/locked-in when the campaign was funded, so you won't be able to adjust your pledge. They might make an exception, but I think you're most likely going to have to pick up your own PS4 copy when the game gets released.
  13. I got all excited about the prospect of getting a pair of Raz's goggles, so I went and got 1 month of the Gaming Loot Crate. What concerns me is that, when I end up at the landing page linked from the email blast, it tells me that the Gaming Loot Crate is "$24.95 USD / MONTH PLUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING"; but, when I select 1mo from the duration dropdown, select a t-shirt size, and click Check Out, suddenly the price is $29.95. I'm going to ping Loot Crate about the discrepancy, but it would be nice to know what DF's thoughts on this are (if any). Edit: Nevermind; they lump in shipping and handling on the checkout page but not on the product page.
  14. All of the ZIP files work for me except for the ones sized >4GB, which exhibit the behavior I described earlier. It's happened to me on two separate boxes; one with Windows 7 x64, the other with Windows Server 2008 R2. In both instances, the volumes are NTFS; so I don't believe the archives or files contained therein being that large is the problem.
  15. Paul, I'm having difficulty with the zip files from Humble that are >4GB in size on Windows, specifically the bonus-complete, deleted-complete, and the 42GB monster containing everything except the sidequests (Which I ended up downloading twice, hitting this behavior; and which doesn't have a torrent file, by the way). 7-Zip, after pegging a core for a few minutes, tells me these files cannot be opened as archives. WinRAR will actually bother to open them, and appears to be able to read and extract the files correctly, but it does throw two warnings saying the archive is corrupt. I can't find much about this behavior (I find plenty about files within the archive being >4GB; not so much the archive itself); but what I did find suggests that the archive program on OS X is bugged, and doesn't create Zip64 files properly. I have elsewhere found a smattering of recommendations to use 7Zip to create Zip files larger than 4GB.