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  1. How do I keep missing these GOG Connect events?
  2. Which controller are you using; the wired 360 controller, the Bluetooth Xbox One controller, or something else; and it works in other games?

    You could do what I did and sleeve and put away a full set in a binder, then build decks with the leftovers. 'Tis the season for Creepy Treat Combat anyway!

    I went down this hole a while ago; was just missing Peanut Butter Bomb and Peepers. Placed my second order to Fangamer with a double-haiku asking for help with these two cards. To my surprise, they packed in the two cards I was missing into the little pouch they include with all their orders! I was so grateful; and then I found a second set of those cards in the boosters they sent me. Not the first time this sort of thing happened to me. When I was much younger, I was really into the Pokémon TCG (back when Fossil and Team Rocket sets were still new). My parents, as a birthday gift, bought me a Charizard, since it was one of the few cards I was missing. Within a week, I was opening more base set 1 boosters and got another one.
  5. Fan-made voice pack?

    Or perhaps the inverse--if there is voice acting in a Costume Quest 3, then there should be an option to disable it in favor of only the text bubbles.
  6. Any updates? Am I missing something?

    I'm both a backer and investor, and I also haven't seen squat since June. I imagine they're just busy, but it really would be nice to have even the smallest of production updates about once every one or two months.

    My cards read "Fun Size King Size Bar" as well; if it's a misprint, I imagine they're all misprinted.
  8. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    It seems the individual bonus video zips for episodes 1 and 2 have gone missing from Humble; I don't see either BitTorrent files or direct downloads for either anymore.
  9. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    Don't forget the merit badges, in actual badge, fridge magnet, and I believe pin forms. There is also the Raz replica backpack as a Psychonauts 2 backer reward.
  10. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    Following up with DFA on Humble, I finally bothered to download everything. I'm no longer having problems with archives >4GiB (yay!), but there are a few outstanding, nitpicky issues: Inconsistent use of underscores in filenames. Some are "filename_ep##.zip" and some are "filename__ep##.zip". Inconsistent labeling of Bonus videos: Majority are named "Double Fine Adventure Bonus Ep.##". Zips for episodes 1 and 2 are named "Double Fine Adventure Bonus Vids Pack ##"; reads like a compilation rather than episode-specific. Inconsistent labeling of Deleted videos: Majority are named "Double Fine Adventure Deleted Ep.##". Zips for episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are named "Double Fine Adventure Deleted Vids Pack ##"; reads like a compilation rather than episode-specific.
  11. Welcome to Amnesia Fortnight 2017!

    When do I get an 'I Voted' forum badge?
  12. Psychonauts collector's edition

    Can? Yes, with enough money. Will? Probably not. It's plenty fair for a backer-exclusive edition to be available only to backers. That said, it's still possible a lesser collector's edition is planned.
  13. Psychonauts collector's edition

    I'm pretty sure that all backers will get access to Windows, Linux, and macOS versions of the game, and those who paid extra for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One discs will get those as well. Is this what you were asking about?
  14. Bonus dlc from humble ?

    I would defer to someone at DF for an actual answer, but, unless it's something super-secret, the only DLC listed Steam Store page for Broken Age is the Soundtrack, which you'll also find on your DFA Humble page.
  15. Psychonauts collector's edition

    Is this in reference to the backer versions? If so, I would say it's moot, because the campaign was for the PC versions, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One discs were campaign addons. Or is this in reference to a theoretical general-release collector's edition?