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  1. You're about four years too late. Investments were collected (at least mine was) December 2016, and the only dividends (since Microsoft bought out the publishing rights) were paid out last month.
  2. Correct; there is no CQ3. Considering the site that that page is on, it's obvious it's a fabrication. "Fanon" appears to be a mashup of "Fan" and "Canon", which, to me, would be equivalent to fanfiction.
  3. nmalinoski


    DF is now owned by Microsoft, yes; but keep in mind that the posts you're replying to were made about a year prior to that acquisition.
  4. nmalinoski


    The first thing you should do is shoot an email to support@doublefine.com. Out of curiosity, what version of the game do you have? Steam? Humble? GOG? Something else?
  5. Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  6. The PS5 will allegedly run PS4 software, so I doubt a PS5 port would be warranted. Based on my experience with both Broken Age, the full art is in 4:3, with direction that makes it playable in 16:9; so, if you want to see all of the art, you need to play the game in 4:3 (pillarboxing); and, if you want it to fill the screen, you're going to end up with a cropped and zoomed image. It's the same situation in Grim Fandango Remastered--the original art is all 4:3, and the 16:9 mode simply crops the top/bottom and zooms in; although, there is also a second 4:3 display mode that fills in those pillarboxes with static art. In order to see all of the art and have it fill your screen (and not screw with the proper aspect ratio), a bunch of the art would need to be redone to not only be 16:9-native, but also be usable in 4:3, which would take a significant amount of time, effort, and money, and then you'd end up with the same situation where one mode shows the full art and the other crops it. Perhaps it would be beneficial to patch Broken Age to add border art to its pillarboxes. Even if there was border art specific to each environment, I would think that would be cheaper and easier to implement than redoing the existing 4:3 art, and it should satisfy those who are averse to black pillarboxes while maintaining the original artistic intent.
  7. If you have similar control issues in other games with driving mechanics, I would recommend playing a few hours of a two or three racing games, particularly arcade or kart racers that use a similar control scheme (joystick for steering, analogue triggers for acceleration/braking). You can also try simulation racing games like Gran Turismo or Forza if you like or if that turns out to be your cup of tea, but I think the arcade and kart racers will be more accessible and more applicable to Brütal Legend's gameplay.
  8. There is vibration in the PS3 version (and I imagine the Xbox 360 version as well) when you stack and unstack, and I believe there is also vibration when utilizing certain special abilities (could be wrong; it's been a while). Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the Steam version does not support vibration. I tried the game with both a DualShock 4 and a real 360 controller with an Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows (Verified rumble works in DiRT 3 Complete Edition), but I didn't get any rumble where I get it in the PS3 version.
  9. Needs more Pokeylope. I'm going to have to replay Psychonauts and actually bother to buy a PS4 [Pro] and a PS VR for Rhombus of Ruin before this game releases.
  10. At this point, I'd recommend picking up a used PS3 (go for a slim, rather than the latest-model super-slims) or an Xbox 360 (Go for the late-model slims; they're better built than the older, larger models) to play the game. These platform are at the tail end of their lives, but they're both still readily available, their backend networks are still up, and copies of Brütal Legend seem to be going for less than $5.
  11. I'm sure the rights for Sam & Max the property still lie with Steve Purcell; however, I'm also sure the code, assets, and publishing/distribution rights are owned by Disney.
  12. Not sure about the macOS versions, but, at least with the Windows versions, the reason subsequent games aren't prompting you is because the launcher saves your username/email and your password (hashed) in the registry, which will be used for subsequent game installs/loads. Delete the key "HKCU\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher" and try to load your games again. Edit: After testing all of the TTG games I bought directly from them (Bone; Back to the Future; Hector, JP; Poker Night; Puzzle Agent 1 and 2; Sam & Max 1, 2, and 3; SBCG4AP; Tales of Monkey Island; Walking Dead 1 and 2; Wallace & Gromit; and The Wolf Among Us), it looks like TTG must've updated their older games to remove the legacy launchers, as everything pre-TWD goes right into the game, where just a couple years ago they all had some kind of launcher that required authentication or an offline license key thing. Unfortunately, TWD 1, TWD 2, and The Wolf Among Us all demanded TTG Account credentials in order to get past the splash screen. This might have something to do with these games utilizing a DLC-like distribution model for episodes beyond the first, so their CDN doesn't get hammered by non-customers.
  13. If you bought your games from TTG directly, you may run into problems in the future if they shut off their account authorization server.
  14. My question was regarding making the existing 360 version of Brütal Legend for use with the backwards compatibility on Xbox One, not a theoretical definitive edition.
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