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  1. Costume Quest was amazing.

    I picked up Costume Quest when it was on sale on the PSN a while back, but haven't played it yet because of work. And Dead Space 2. And... well, nothing else, really. I liked the demo when I first tried it, but it didn't seem especially mind-blowing, just okay. Anyway, I actually started playing Costume Quest at 4:15 today. Five and a half hours later, I owned every card, costume, and sticker, and I was watching the end credits roll. I loved everything about the game- the many costumes; the awesome transformation sequences; the multiple combat animations, unique to each costume; the strategy; the badges... everything. I'm a pretty big RPG nut. I've beaten every single-player Final Fantasy game so far. I've conquered SMT: Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, and Persona 3 and 4. I thought the battles in this game were kind of painful at first, but as I acquired more badges, and got different costumes, my opinion slowly changed. I will never look at a roll of double-ply toilet paper the same. Anyway, after finishing the game, I wanted more. So, I took out my wallet, and bought Grubbins on Ice (and Stacked- I didn't even realize it was out yet >.>). And now, I've finished that, too. AND I WANT MORE. But there isn't any, so I guess I'll just have to play Stacked, instead. Also: Hi, I'm Dirjel, and this is my first post on these here "Action Forums." I read the rules sticky, and I rather enjoyed it.