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  1. Thanks Though I hope we get an initial discount for the wait
  2. I'll admit there are more, however I'm not interested in most of them. The 2 flagship titles of the xbox are way over rated (Halo, Gears) the only games I am interested in are Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, and despite what MS say, the 360 still suffers from the RROD, E74 etc I can't bring myself to buy one knowing full well that it will fail. I'll just have to skip these 2 this time
  3. I'll repost what I said in another thread: First, a developer has an idea for a game and how much money it will take to make said game. Second, the developer takes this idea to a whole bunch of different publishers in a short amount of time to try to sell said game to these publishers. Third, the first company who gives the developer money to make said game is the publisher. The publisher then decides what platforms the game will be on. Finally, the developer makes the game for the chosen platforms of the publisher Sorry, I didn't see the other thread Just kinda annoyed that I won't be getting to play them
  4. Jeez thats 2 games I won't be buying then, the other being Once Upon A Monster (I aint buying an Xbox for 2 games) Seriously DF WTF? Don't you want the game to sell to the PS crowd?
  5. Just finished the Triple Decker Tanker, and the game has not gave out the collection trophy, also its saying I'm 99% complete. Triple checked and the collection pictures are all there as well as the dolls in my base?
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