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  1. Because Double Fine's greatest strength is their creativity. They've made a selection of totally unique and original games - why should they stop now? Any time they'd spend making a sequel to Stacking would be time they didn't spend making something new. And I don't think a sequel would work anyway. Why would the game be happening again? What would justify the same game being made twice with slight modifications, rather than a totally new and original game? Why don't you trust Double Fine with original concepts when they've shown time after time that they can take a creative idea and run with it to make a totally awesome and original game? And if they were to get bogged down in sequels, you know Stacking wouldn't exist... How many other awesome games would we be missing out on by them making the same game twice? You make some great points. I will be honest this is my first Double Fine game I have played. I have Costume Quest bought, but still have not DLed since I have been busy playing other games. It will be my next game, WHat other games are good by them on the PS3? HOw about DLC content for Stacking, would you be fine with that?
  2. Can I know why? If it the same concept but different story and characters? Just want to know why? Everyone to their own, but just let me why?
  3. Thank you for this great game, bring on a sequel!! I would of 100% this, but I busy playing this and LBP 2! Sonny I will play Costume Quest finally!! Since I took advantage of the sale Sony was having a few weeks back!!
  4. OK so I just beat the game today, but not 100% complete yet (which I will do soon, and by the end of the weekend). I just want to say how much I loved/love this game!!! I know it is too soon to talk about a squeal, but I want Double Fine to make one!! With a new family and story of course!! This game has so much charm, so dam funny, and so dam fun!! Thank you Double Fine for making a great game, and this is def. one of my favorite PSN games for sure! Please make for of the Stacking Dolls available so I can buy it!!
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