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  1. I agree the sci-fi setting is a smart move.
  2. ok so here is my thought. all characters require an "obsession" something that defines their psyche. next, you need a way it manifests to form their mental world. and lastly, you need a goal. now the goal is always to make the owner of the mind happy but mostly the way to do that is to either bring order to the a chaotic mental world, defeat the boss that is terrorising the world, or just reach the owner of the mind. some examples. obsession manifestation goal ships in bottles. you are on a ship trapped in a bottle. you must convince the captain to lower the mast so you can use your psychokinesis to free the ship. the captain is unflappable but convince enough of the suspicious crew to take it down and the captain will cave. wildlife documentary. you are in the wild with a camera crew. the owner of the brain will narrate all the things that are going on and you have to find animals doing that stuff or convince talking animals to follow the script. Knots. a word where everything is made with Celtic rope knots. the world is under attack by anthropomorphized knives and scissors. road signs. a labyrinth. pick up signs and put them on posts to direct the flow of monsters running around the maze. stamp collector. post office. stalling you have to find out what each collector of rare stamps wants to talk about so our collector can become pen pals with them there by exchanging stamps. you get the idea. if you're stauelling you can think of something you and your friends really like or make yourself a double fine cross over and have characters obsessed with heavy metal, stacking dolls, Halloween, pottery...etc thoughts?
  3. thanks for letting us know. the documentary are so good and have such an insane turnaround I'm always so impressed sometimes I'd like a documentary team following the documentary team.
  4. I believe that the core of the psychonauts experience is the ability to jump into each others minds, in fact, I'd rather play a bunch of kids around a campfire jumping in and out of minds than go save the president. I like the idea of each player bringing a character and their mental world to the session and they get to gm when in that mind. regardless as to if that is how the gm is decided I think all characters should know what their mental world is like at creation and a tool to make these mental worlds should be part of the core mechanics. thoughts?
  5. so there were comments made immediately when Asif Siddiky became project lead that someone must take up his place as 2 player productions do an insane job of amnesia fortnight. so I would like to know what's happened there?
  6. wot fanar

    Concept Art

    so a stray thought I wanted to share. circular bumpers kind of look like upside down vase so could be a kiln tie in. perhaps we could use vr headsets as long bumpers and knife and fork as flippers and have a whole tie in level. or not just a thought?
  7. I still recommend a kind of moster hunter tech tree so breeding a unique ecosystem actually rewards you. also can give a cool meta game if this becomes a full release as depending which way you evolve different creatures effects your end game gear.
  8. I like how this pitch reminds me of the combat in monkey island where you win fights with your jokes. I think it's important in this game to do more than just reskin a jrpg. for example, in most jrpg a monster has a health bar, but in this game the things stopping a monster from being your friend could be fear, anger and disharmony, haveing multiple health bars that all need to be depleted could give a unique feel to encounters. or perhaps you summon you instruments and backing dancers to give you buffs but you need to give them all time in the spotlight to keep them happy or they sulk and refuse to play for you for a bit. my point is this sounds cool but please make sure to keep thinking out the box
  9. @James Marion thanks, just knowing your bearing it in mind is promising.
  10. I love the visual style you're shooting for and musicals but I have a concern I'd like to voice. I am dyslexic and narrative games that ask me to make a choice quickly often time out before I've even read the options let alone made a choice. most tell tale games and the like are just unplayable for me and if everything is timed to the music will I be able to keep up? also this project seems very ambitious what do you actually expect to deliver at the end of amnesia fortnight?
  11. if I were working at double fine (a man can dream) this would certainly be my choice of game to work on. I think the thing that hasn't been mentioned yer which I think is what will really make this game sing is the idea unique resources coming from unique species. this would reward players better for strange unnatural selection. what I mean is if you get armour from armourdillows to get better armour you need to grow that species to be better. that poison bunny can be hunted for poison arrows until other animals evolve imunity. this means turning your chickens into dinosaurs gives the play a reward beyond just now having dinosaurs. long term it would be nice to see things like reforestization affect the animals evolution but I am well aware that's an impossible ask for 2 weeks.
  12. I like the idea of tempory buff, pools of glaze. that when you walk through it and gaze yourself it alters your stats until it wears off. well aware that this would be a stretch goal for amnesia fortnight as you've got a lot to to do in only 2 weeks.
  13. I voted for games purely on how “double fine” the game felt. I have strong confidence in all the staff of double fine to make a playable and very fun game however the reason double fine is my favourite developer is because they make amazing universes of steam punk Russian doles, rock and role fantasy, psychic spy camp, imagination powered Halloween and middle management super heroes. None of these have any game or genera even close to like them. Far too many of these pitches sounded to me like any game company could make them so I didn’t vote for things that made me go “I’d play that” as I’d play anything made by double fine, I chose games that made me go “what is that, you wont see that anywhere else.” And those games are… Milgrim Bragging and fighting Silent but deadly Critter verse The flock Bad golf Cloud prix. As a final comment Tim, much as I loved being a part of the process next year can you let us observe and not vote. I feel these 4 games are df versions of Diablo 3, ftl farmvill masup, journey and minecraft. I don’t want you to make same games as the others make weird games that anyone who plays them will love forever.
  14. E and J realy like the feathery bustle O has my favourite face P is my favrouite hair but should be darker not a fan of any of the hats, would rather free hair with feathers in it.
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