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    oh bla bla. discover some personal stuff, recent happenings, planned events and creations at www.myspace.com/no_us3rname or, even better, my official website over at www.GARDENOFEYES.com .Thanks!
  1. yeah it's true..... i've actually not been on here for over a year and a half.... been too busy with life i guess! on the other hand i have been updating myself regularly on double fine action news ever since i can remember. i like to speak though!! just didn't get to it that much yet. i remember starting a thread about Toonstruck a long while ago.. or was that someone else? hehe, hope to be here more often! the DFAF are cozy..
  2. I've beaten Psychonauts twice, and the second time I got all the scavenger hunt items and figments in the game.. it unlocked a short bonus movie in which Linda and Mr. Pokeylope meet and appear to be ..past lovers???!
  3. I must say the end boss battle was waaayyyy too easy compared to the rest of the game. I beat that one in one go without breaking into a sweat. Not the kind of end battle I'd like to imagine! But, don't get me wrong, Psychonauts is still a great, great game and will play it again and again.
  4. Sounds like a very classic clash-up storyline to me :lol: Don't ever tuck those posters away out of sight Pixelton.
  5. Oh I'd love to work as an artwork designer for some great innovative game one day but I don't find myself good enough for it yet and that's not said to put myself down but just to be honest and critical towards myself. I've still got a way to go! I aspire to become a great artist in paintings, drawings, illustrations and soon also physical 3D designs. I am busy creating my own world and am eager to share it with the world around me. I've already been doing so (almost nonstop) since september 2006 till present in the form of exhibitions through and out of town. Every now and then with the luck and opportunity of selling a painting as well. Furthermore I get most of my income by being a freelance webdesigner since the demand for websites and/or other graphical designs are way higher than paintings and art in general. So, there you go. Oh and every now and then I also create some music and release it (most of the time) completely for free. I (am striving to) aspire to inspire other beings to do it themselves. Whatever "it" means for them, it can be anything as long as you don't waste your unique individual potential in a fulltime society energy draining job which you don't really want to do but then again, when you turn 40 you still wonder what you've been missing all those years.. intuition is important! don't get me wrong, i am still heavily learning myself. The least we can do is follow our hearts and feelings and just go out and do it at the end of the day because otherwise we'll just keep wandering in circles of thoughts and doubt of wether we will succeed or not.. go do what you feel is right to do and you'll find out by yourself in time by deeds and actions wether that's what you seeked for or not. And if not, it's hard to say but then there's always a time to look into a different direction (although first impressions are often not untrue). Thanks for your question, it's a good reflective one! Thanks, how about you by the way?? What would you like to do and what do you aspire to be?? Hi. Levi
  6. Good thread going on here! As I've already mentioned before at the games of yore section in some topic, stuff that really inspired and still inspires me are the works I've seen during many childhood like experiences.. for which to me the most amazing ones of those actually came exclusively in the form of (by now classic) adventure games like Day of the Tentacle ( Peter Chan? ), Sam & Max (Steve Purcell + Peter Chan), Heart of Darkness, Toonstruck and the Neverhood. The man behind the Neverhood (which is the same man who also created the likes of Earhworm Jim and many more) is called Doug TenNapel and still is of great inspiration to me today. I'll also never forget the imaginative world of Commander Keen. I know, that's even older. I do know Bill Tiller ( check this out! ) is another sublime source of inspiration for me (and probably -un-awarely also for a bunch of other creative buggers round here) and as somebody else already mentioned before too.. the Oddworld galaxy ( for example shaped along with by Raymond Swanland ) did their fair amounts of creative impacts on my brain. Well.. that's my personal influentual story in a really tiny nutshell. Hope that answered your question! If not, let me know!
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