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  1. I really need to get a PS2 copy of this game. Trying not to loose seven disks is a pain in the USB Ports.
  2. Also, I heard that Alice Madness Returns was one of those either love-it-or-hate-it games. It got some mixed reviews either saying it's good or it sucked. I would love to play it though as well as the first Alice game. Planning on getting it for the PC when the price drops down a bit. I'm playing it on the PS3, and all I can say is "OMG! Psychonauts Raz in chapter 4! SQUEEEEEEEEE!" Seriously, folks. If anyone out there has a better Capture Card than I do, could you PLEASE snag a screen shot or two for me? I ~SO~ want this as my Avatar right now. Both here and elsewhere. And maybe as my desktop as well.
  3. Hay! Where is the "I played through it with both protagonists" option? My first run was with Wren, though. Lords and Ladies, I need to get a screen grab of that Unicorn for my avatar.
  4. The Unicorn. That was the most Epic unicorn I have ever seen. Once I unlocked it, it never left my party. Not just becouse it could revive downed players, but also becouse it looked FREAKING AWSOME! It deserves to be in Brutal Legend, slaying demons and baithing in the blood of it's enemys! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :vampire:
  5. Having just completed the girl's campaign, I just realized that, since there are no unique save files, once I start in on the boy's campaign, all my work on his sister's side will be lost. So here is my idea: Persona specific New Game +. Every playthrough for a charector that has already been completed once has the option of starting with all previously unlocked stamps and completed non-exploration outfits. You know, something to allow players to retain at least SOME of their progress...
  6. I mentioned in my last post that I know where the cave-like rock outcropping is. Are you saying that it actually is a cave that can be entered by ways I have not figured out yet? Hmm... Time to exparament. BRB. {Edit} Ah. The enterence was covered by an unpassable patch of darkness, requiring the use of Captin Rocket Jedi. *Slaps forhead* Well, one boss battle later (which I did NOT win this time), and I have my last trophy. However, this whole experence does raise a question for me. If the exit for that cave is the barn doors in the fairgrounds, then is there an underground area related to the barn doors in the town area? {Edit the second} ...and the SECOND cave-like thing was ALSO a cave, this time requiring the Knight's shield. *Head Desk* Don't worry, folks. I'm not usually this thick, it just caught me off guard.
  7. Odd. The only thing I saw up there is one of the two cave-shaped landmarks that don't actually go anywhere. The other being the one by the warp gates. I KNEW there was something suspicious going on when the last area didn't seem to have any underground areas, when they were so pervasive in the first two-thirds of the game... Mind narrowing my search parameters a little more? I want to get this last trophy done before starting over to play as the other sibling.
  8. I have just finished playing through this game in one long marathon playthrough. The only thing I'm missing is the first costume component for the Vampire outfit. I have searched that town high and low. From barnyard to corn maze, and back again. I have unlocked every stamp, every card, every OTHER outfit, and beated the last boss. All that is left is the vampire outfit, and I can't seem to find the blasted cape! *Head desk* Is it even IN this area? Is it connected with that seemingly random strongman bell? Have I walked face first into a trophy-stopping glitch? If anyone can at least point me in the right direction to where it is supposed to be, I would be most greatful.
  9. The intro is in fact skippable for me. Let me know if making a save fixes the install issue for you.
  10. I didn't have a problem with forced reinstalls, but I can conferm that the intro plays every single time. ...mind you, I personally don't know if it is skippable after a proper install, since I rather enjoy watching it. I'll give it a try later. (PS3 version with Love Giver installed.)
  11. Anyone else notice a few flaws in the tear out map sheet that comes with the book? The Buried Metal map has no #10, #18, #24, and has two #13s. I haven't counted all the dots for the Bound Serpent map, but I fear that there are missing ones there, too. Can anyone with more patiants than I check to see if that map is in fact accurate? Edit: I finally counted the dots on the map. All 120 are marked.
  12. You mean making up words as needed? -_^
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